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Don't Fear the Expert

novelist discovers what needs to be overcome in the name of art

When I was really young I wrote two “books.” They were each about five notebook pages long and had about a dozen staples on the left margin.

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The Rear End

A Mighty Wind

strong gusts of anxiety push me through life

Disorganization and stress cause tornado dreams, which means most people living in modern society must go to bed every night only to relive Dorothy’s journey to Oz (with varying degrees of a Technicolor ending).

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Opening Shots

Season's Greenings

though it usually skips Wisconsin entirely, spring has most definitely sprung

Lawn mowing and mosquito swatting will come, but for now it’s mild, bugless, and delightful in an unusual stretch of spring.

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The House Show Redefined

loud prog-rockers Farms host sleepover party shows

Attendees are invited to enjoy the likes of Farms, Feathe, The Heart Pills, and Vacation Dad, and bring along stuff to dip in the 20 pounds of nacho cheese they have on hand ...

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Downers Grove

longtime local “progfrock” band unleashes album

When they announce “this will be the last one,” you can count on 10 to 15 minutes more of high-powered fretwork, ba-da-boom tish, and river-like key-runs.

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jazz trio Adelyn Rose draws sound from Eau Claire scene

Eau Claire’s fresh-faced talent emerges in a three-piece jazz ensemble, making tidal waves of luscious sounds with their fair-weather vocals and docile sound.

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James Ignacio

Chippewa Falls string master to release album

It’s slightly ironic that James Ignacio’s first solo CD, About a Block Down Wilson, centers on feelings of home, because the California native has definitely found one here in the music scene of the Chippewa Valley.

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Visual Art

Painting Outside of the Box

local artist Helen Peterson

Imagine your favorite children's books winding up the legs of a wooden chair, nestled into a decorative bowl, or splashed across the surface of a coffee table.

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Local Look

In Land We Trust

what the Western Wis Land Trust can do for you

“Our mission is to preserve the natural character of Western Wisconsin,” stated Executive Director Richard Gauger. “We would like to see as much of Western and Northwestern Wisconsin stay like it was when we first came here."

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Wheeling the Dirt

local off-road cycling group gets active with local trails

Chippewa Off-Road Bike Association is an organization of cyclists whose purpose is actually recycling.

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Locals Hope to Break Hula Hooping Record

While you probably can’t break the fastest underwater handcuff escape (10.66 seconds), Chippewa Vallians have the opportunity to help break the Guinness World Record for “Most People Dancing with a Hula Hoop.”

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Valleycat Purrs Into Action

fourth installment of Valley’s own alley cat bike race looms

For anyone who has not been able to catch the EC Valleycat Race or was too intimidated to give it a shot, 2010 is the best year yet to enter.

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Fighting Bob Fest North

progressive fest stages trial run for northern counterpart

This year’s Fighting Bob Fest North is just a portent of things to come.

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