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Centipedes Attack!(?)

a natural and sustainable lifestyle has many, many legs

Before I toss the paper wad and corpse into the toilet, I always have to look. Usually its legs are still twitching. Then, as the adrenaline wears off over the next few hours, I lay in bed, unblinking, until I cry myself to sleep.

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The Falling Timber

with the T-Wolves hitting the absolute bottom, maybe they’re due for a Bucks-like surge

It is a rough time to be a Wolves fan. Yet, if a listless franchise like the Bucks can right their ship, maybe there is hope for my team.

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Bandwith Radio

locally crafted website hopes to connect fans to the music makers

“There should be a way for indie musicians and bands to get their music out there to be listened to, purchased, and recognized.” – Tony VandenBush, who went on to co-create exactly that

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Split to Kill

local metal masters Desolatevoid release split album spanning two states

“The next full length will be out sooner than later.” “It will be dark, it will be heavy, it will be Desolatevoid.” – Nick Carroll and Tim Smith on the LP release following their current split

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American Tea Company

40 years ago a local band topped the charts

"People said our lead singer sounded more like (Jim) Morrison than Morrison did.” - Jim Schuh, drummer of American Tea Company

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A Hard Drivin' Hoorah

Drunk Drivers, Jaggernauts finish the Back Stage Series

Volume One and The State Theatre have saved the best for last with the Drunk Drivers and Jaggernauts.

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Star-Crossed Stage

UWEC’s Romeo and Juliet bends The Bard’s gender roles

Under the direction of Illinois Shakespeare Festival veteran and UWEC professor, F. Reed Brown, a handful of Blugold actors and actresses will take on The Bard’s prized story.

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Writin' Bout a Generation

Julie Bowe’s Best Friend trilogy

My Last Best Friend, the first book in Bowe's series, was chosen as one of the Best Children’s Books of the Year by the Bank Street College of Education – a big deal in Kiddy Lit Land.

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Festival of Text

UWEC English Fest returns with Tess Onwueme up front

The UW-Eau Claire English Festival is a weeklong event (April 26-30) featuring various panels and readings from students, faculty, and other community members. And yet, literature is only the core of the festival itinerary.

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Visual Art

The Evasive Hodag

local model enthusiast recreates folklorish WI creature

Ever since his parents gave him comic books about dinosaurs, monsters, and superheroes, Rob Mattison has loved creating models of them.

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Sawdust City

indie filmmakers shoot new movie in EC

Back in January we spotted this group of guys filming around town. Curious as to what the heck they were up to, I chased them down in Boyd Park and briefly chatted with the producer before they ran off to their next location.

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Local Look

Delays, Petitions & Hearings

some of EC’s biggest hot button construction issues

Now that the county has the results of the jail referendum in hand, it’s possible that the most divisive local issues of the decade may be coming to a close (we’ll see ...). It made us wonder what other issues have created a local divide over the years.

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Food / Drink

LOCAL LIST: Community Supported Agriculture

plots are going like hotcakes of sustainability, so hurry

CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, is the hottest thing among the “foodie” set right now. Well, maybe not the hottest thing, but it’s up there.

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Building Champions

off-season changes poise the Crush for a big year

“Anything other than the championship would be a disappointment.” – Brad Paulsrud, general manager of the Eau Claire Crush

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Special Sections

A Trip Down the Chip

a five-day adventure with camping, fishing, canoeing, and biking (a fictionalized account)

What follows is something I’ve come to call the MANLY TRIP Log, a diary of my epic outdoor Chippewa journey.

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