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Risks are Never Easy

a local restaurant manager’s struggles to relocate from Albania

He came to America just like my dad – to have a better life. He had jobs such as a waiter, butcher, airport driver, restaurant employee, and factory worker. Sometimes he worked two full-time jobs.

Frankenstein Crew Heads to Fringe Fest

Chapter 13 Productions, the theater company that brought an original version of Frankenstein to the Heyde Center last fall, will take to the road this summer.

Progressive Film Festival

festival's films aim to raise awareness(es)

The festival is a non-profit, independent, community-based event that strives to raise awareness of ideas/issues and hopefully lead to action.

Harmony Corner Café

new downtown café features organic, fair trade fare

Armed with the motto, “Eat Local, Eat Well,” the new Harmony Corner Café offers everything they had before and a whole lot more.

Corks Corks Corks ... Corks

Got a ton of corks laying around? Many Chippewa Valley businesses are joining forces to keep corks, both natural and synthetic, out of the waste stream.

Eau Claire Jazz Fest

four days packed with national acts, locals, and students

To anyone who has ever said jazz is dead, prepare to eat your words. Eau Claire’s 43rd Annual Jazz Festival is a two-week celebration of all things – you guessed it – jazz.

Mages + The Heart Pills

up-and-coming local alt-folksters hit The Nucleus

Although both bands loosely share the tag “Americana,” their musical personalities feel more like an older sister to a younger brother.

Caring for the Globe

eighth annual Earth Day celebration to be largest yet

With seven successful years already notched, the green event that started as a local grassroots movement has officially mounted an annual following and the eighth annual version of the local celebration looks to the biggest yet.

Fashion Without Fabric

UW-Stout’s annual explosion of art, fashion, and awesome

For my money, UW-Stout’s Fashion Without Fabric is one of the must-see events of the year.

Life Somewhat on the Farm

a chance to grow after a childhood filled with farm indifference

I just hope that, as I’m pulling weeds, I don’t bust out with some sweet light saber fighting or awesome laser blaster sound effects. I mean, it’s what I know.

Homes We Covet

a collection of local homes that are just really cool

Yards We Dig

a crop of cool local yards, from the front and from the back

Gnomes in the Loam

local company educates, entertains kids on gardening

“When kids are entertained and having fun, they become more interested and engaged, and educated in the process.” -Greg Raleigh, president of Enchanting Gnome Knowledge

Shooters not just for Strippin' but also Rockin'

In economic duress, businesses try new angles to both lighten the mood and generate revenue. Shooters Showgirls will open its basement this month to become a live music venue.

At Our Own Risk

continuing to block access to the rivers is a move in the wrong direction

Not building any pathways or structures down to the river makes it appear as though we’re not “meant” to be near the river.

Reader Letters | April 8, 2010

While I appreciate your coverage of our Charter School efforts, there are some glaring inaccuracies in the report in the March 25 issue.

The Renaissance Renaissance

Chippewa Valley Ren. Faire calls it a comeback

After a little brainstorming, they realized that the Chippewa Falls location could not only be used as a Renaissance Faire, but also a Wild West Show, a Halloween Scream Fest, and possibly host concerts.

Questioning the Locals | Cassie Malchak

You’re headed to London, Paris and Venice soon. Which city are you most excited to visit?

"I hate driving on Clairemont when it is busy. It seems like everyone and their brother is out there driving and going EXACTLY the speed limit."

Police Reports | April 8, 2010

lessons we learned from police reports recently published in the Leader-Telegram

A Sam’s Club box of bleach can hold $330 worth of computer software, video games, and meat.

Glimpse | Channeling Mayberry

Whoever said that all television would rot your mind must never have met Ken Anderson nor read his book, Mayberry Reflections: The Early Years.

What's in a Mascot

a state bill forces schools to rethink race-based mascots

“If we changed it to Hawks, then will the animal activists come after us?” – Russell Helland, superintendant of the Baldwin-Woodville Blackhawks

hitide. lotide.

Milwaukee transplant releases new EP

“It was so much fun, but it kind of consumed my life. It’s really a relief to have a finished product.” – hitide. lotide.

Truth Before Treason

a really ambitious band of high schoolers

There’s no reason Durand band Truth Before Treason’s new EP, The Brutal Truth, should rage so hard. The band has had nothing but good fortune so far.

Weighed Down

‘20 oz.’ art exhibition features work from four townies

The 20 oz. Art Show might only be halfway to sublime freedom, but it definitely will not be lacking in quality or style.

Arts Board Seeks Artists for Residency Program

The Wisconsin Arts Board, Edenfred, and Overture Center for the Arts have announced a new performing artists residency program designed to help Wisconsin artists take their ideas to production.

Design the Rock Fest Logo

From now through April 22 anyone can design and submit a new logo for Rock Fest 2010.


Menomonie Theater Guild stages über farce

Here’s your chance to literally get backstage as MTG’s set designer has created a stage that rotates 180 degrees in order to put the audience more fully in the mayhem.