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The Rear End

Jacket Required

when spring appears, so does a trusty old metaphor for change

We’re smack dab in the middle of the grimy flux betwixt seasons, and I’m filled with one part sunny delight, one part agitated dismay. But thankfully, the change of seasons is always brief in Wisconsin, and soon, I’ll be all parts sunny delight.

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Mike Perry Flies On

sophomore album released by Amble Down Records

“I observed Tim McGraw twirling in purple fog beneath a disco ball the size of a Volkswagen ... and on that day I realized country music might be … ummm … changing.”

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Bethke Runs Deep

new album, radio show from musical overachiever

Osseo’s own Brian Bethke, one of the area’s most ambitious musicians, is set to release another album and is also hosting his very own show on Underdog Radio.

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The GAYNGS All Here!

supergroup of current & former locals: Vernon, Olson, Westerlund, Morrison...

When Mel Gibson and the Pants made its first musical foray, “An Electronic Experiment Gone Horribly Perfect,” legend has it that the Eau Claire/Twin Cities band consisted of between 20-40 people. Eau Claire native Ryan Olson, of Mel Gibson and the Pants f

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From Texas to Wisconsin

folkster moved from Texas to Wis. to Minn.

Being born in the same hospital as Bob Dylan can cast a shadow on a singer/songwriter, especially one who writes about gypsies and sleeping outside. That’s Luke Redfield, a well-traveled folkie with a red-brown beard.

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video game-based power metal finally comes to town

Expect recognizable rock from back when Mario, Megaman, and Link were getting their start, larger-than-life costumes (although battle gear might be the better word for it), and a measure of extreme that both Dragonforce and Bowser, King of the Koopas can

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The Sidewalk Ends Here

Bare Bones presents short plays by Shel Silverstein

Laced with his gleeful and, at times, grim humor, these plays reflect Shel Silverstein’s observations of relationships and culture.

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UWEC’s incredible annual dance exhibition

Every year, UW-Eau Claire puts on a dance show featuring the work of students, with this year featuring several pieces of modern dance, two jazz pieces, one tap piece, one contemporary ballet piece, and a contemporary jazz piece.

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Ron White

everyman comedian breaks State Theatre record

When news broke that comedian Ron White was coming to the State Theatre on March 25, the show sold out in six hours.

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Whad'ya Know Again?

Wisconsin’s favorite radio quiz show returns to the State

Feldman’s Whad’Ya Know? returns to the State Theatre for some nationally syndicated live radio broadcast quiz show-style fun.

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New Book Completes Trilogy on Altoona History

At 479 pages, The Red Caboose: A Collection of Altoona, Wisconsin Memories 2009 by Jack Blacburn, Roger Rasmussen, and John R. Thurston is probably not a weekend read, but it is a comprehensive collection of memories about Altoona from the 1880s through t

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The Tiger on the Page

UWEC grad student makes grandmother’s Hmong story into a children’s book

“She couldn’t read or even use a phone, and yet she’s helping Hmong students become more literate and better storytellers.”

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Visual Art

Posters & Pin-Ups

Steve Bateman returns to Tangled Up in Hue this month with a new show

Steve Bateman returns to Tangled Up in Hue this month with a show entitled Posters & Pin-Ups. As the owner of Postergirl Art, he has designed and created a dynamic collection of screen-printed posters.

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Local Look

Stick to the Stories

the potential height of future buildings on Water Street stirs debate

“Taller buildings ... will lessen the opportunity for residents to enjoy the views of the river, decrease the enjoyment of the users of the bike trail, and decrease the appearance of the neighborhood.”

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