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Delayed Culture Shock

my denial and/or blissful ignorance of our drinking culture stopped when I saw the stats

I typed three words into the Google search box – “drinking culture in” and froze. The auto complete function suggested the following places, in this order: America, China, Wisconsin, Australia, Japan, Korea, Ireland, England, Europe, Russia.


online museum project chronicles regional culture

“If you’ve gone tubing at FATFAR, write about it. If you saw a celebrity down at The Joynt, write about it.” – CVM Editor Frank Smoot on the broad range of topics will include

Thanks for Asking | February 25, 2010

answering your questions to the very best of his considerable ability

"My mother-in-law was wondering if we had any POW or internment camps here. Do you know?"

Shortcuts | February 25, 2010

You read that V1 blog post a month ago, right? The one telling of the possibility that a state committee will examine the sale of raw milk in Wisconsin? Of course you did. Well, it turns out there is a committee, and it’s meeting in our backyard!

Local Indpendence Radio Show Rockets to 3 Hours

local music and arts radio show extends to multi-hour format

If you don’t feel sated by one hour of Local Independence Sunday nights on WUEC or you can never quite catch that one spot, you will now be able to listen to three full hours of local and regional artists beginning March 14

Young Strummer

Menomonie 13 year-old releases folk album

As Kenzie Joy sits down at the Acoustic Café, hot chocolate topped with whipped cream in hand, the first thing I notice is that she never stops smiling. Of course, what artist wouldn’t be all smiles after having scored regular gigs and produced an album b

Eau Claire Music School

new school hopes to give musicians common ground

“There’s a lot of buzz and momentum for music in the community, and it’s really been three decades in the making. ... We’re really excited to be part of what’s happening right now.” – Shawn Smets on starting Eau Claire Music School

Downtown EC Art Venues Consider Monthly Crawls

Drew Seveland, co-owner of Infinitea Tea House, appreciates the many art events going on in Eau Claire; now he just wants to coordinate a way for a cluster of them to happen on the same night.

City Ponders Terrain Park

EC Parks & Rec has big ideas for the “Northwest Community Park”

There are plans for a tubing/ski/snowboard hill with future dreams of a tow rope, snowmaking machines, and a warming hut. There is a tangle of cross-country ski trails for winter, and some pretty crazy looking trails for summer mountain biking.

Art That Moves

CV Montessori Charter School opens doors for ‘kinetic sculptor,’ public

“We just want them to see so many different things, so that they know they’re all artists on some level.” – Montessori teacher Melissa Kleven, who helped start the monthly art shows

Cover Craft

House of Rock hosts as Decadent Cabaret hits year thirty-one

After last year’s milestone 30-year anniversary, this edition of Decadent Cabaret promises just as much fun with, for the first time ever, a three-night event with Acousti-Cabaret on Thursday.

The Darkness Looms

four ‘black metal’ bands to collide for night of noise

By the grace of the metal gods, Goatwhore is coming to Eau Claire, and they're bringing along kindred malcontents Enfold Darkness as well as local ne’er-do-wells Desolatevoid and Purge the Woods.

Haley Bonar

Minnesota alt-country songstress to visit Menomonie

She might be Minnesota’s brightest indie folk starlet. Haley Bonar, born around Winnipeg, Canada, raised in the Black Hills of South Dakota ...

Seeing the Sign (Language)

twice monthly gathering promotes talking with your hands

“Come when you can; leave when you must.” This is the motto of the American Sign Language group.

Dancing the Scandinavian Way

ethnic dance sessions focus on waltz, polka, and ... shoddish

Come learn to spin and double-foot slap your way back to your Swedish roots or plant the seeds for some serious foot stomping.

FLASH FICTION: Chronic Puppy Lust

(official selection of the 6th annual Volume One Fiction Contest)

One morning after hitting snooze on the biological clock I realize I’m suffering from Chronic Puppy Lust at the age of nineteen and a half.

Are You Choking?

the Vikings now must be considered among the most cursed franchises

For whatever reason, the Minnesota Vikings tend not to make the list. Is this because of our Upper Midwest status as flyover country?

One Car All Stars

living the one-car family lifestyle is easy ... if you’re me

So my advice is to have one adult in the family quit their job. BAM. Now you have one less place to drive and one less hand grabbing for the car keys. Easy, right?

Reader Letters | February 25, 2010

The strategy now is to deny that the county board ever attempted to plan for future development on the current site and to assert

Ghouls on Film

another supernatural investigation group starts up in the Valley