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My curio

– a gift for my mother (honorable mention)

Small Change

(third place winner)


(Second place winner)

Winter Birch

(First place winner)

Ready, Set, Barstool!

Second annual Barstool Races come to Chippewa

Chippewa Falls’ Brown Hut Tavern is holding its second annual Barstool Races this month. You’re no doubt wondering what that is ...

Exquisite Corpses

3 judges took their favorite lines from the contest
& threw them together to form new poems


V1 investigates the magic that happens when two artists get together

Two painters. Two actors. Two writers. One potter, one musician. An overabundance of talent and support. An underabundance of time and resources. V1 investigates the magic that happens when two artists get together.

Buddhism in the Valley

contemplating the local meditation scene

Breathe in (whoo), breathe out (whee) … clear your mind of all …Crap, I hope I remembered to turn my cell phone off.

Black and White Affair

local hip-hop favorites amp up annual show

Eau Claire hip-hop perennial Frozen Tundra started The Black and White Affair three years ago with the idea that a show should be an experience – not just something in the background as you slam rail mixers.

Jazzed in the Valley

premiere performance planned for new jazz orchestra

On February 20, a brand new jazz ensemble called the Chippewa Valley Jazz Orchestra wants to bring jazz like it hasn’t been brought before.

Hearing the End of Time

UWEC music faculty collaborate on epic project

The Book of Revelations. World War II. Awe-inspiring music. What could possibly bring these three things together?


citywide art project asks people to divulge secrets

Some call it therapeutic or cathartic, but I’m going to just go ahead and call it art.

Like the First Time

Whether it’s sweet, painful, or awkward, everyone has a memory of their first experience ... we're talking about sex.

Off to See the Wizard

It’s the classic tale of Dorothy Gale, who after being carried away by a tornado, house and all, lands in a magical land, meeting up with kindly scarecrows, cowardly lions, good (and bad) witches, and a host of other fantastic beings and places.

Grey Gardens

UWEC faculty play lead roles in historical musical

UW-Eau Claire music and theater professors Richard Nimke, Toni Poll-Sorensen, and Mitra Sadeghpour have teamed up to bring the acclaimed Broadway musical Grey Gardens to the local stage.

LISTEN: Cadence

young EC pop rockers record debut EP

“We were experimenting with new things and it really represents a change in our sound. It has a positive message about overcoming self-doubt that everyone can relate to.” – Hannah Connolly, lead singer of Cadence (formerly Motion Where You Go)

Jamming at Shari's

the valley’s haven for blues and bluegrass

“If you are a player, just bring your instrument and have fun. If you are a listener, just bring your ears and have fun.” – Shari Edwards, Shari’s Chippewa Club

Nine Hours of Bluegrass at Burger King

The Burger King on the corner of London and Golf roads in Eau Claire is slated to be the site of a marathon nine-hour bluegrass jam session.

Rumblings | SculptureWalk

professional sculptures could be headed to a location near you

An interactive public art display involving between 25 and 50 professionally made sculptures from around the world may be coming to downtown Eau Claire.

Shortcuts | February 11, 2009

Eau Claire County voters could have the opportunity to offer their opinion about where to build the controversial county jail at an advisory referendum tentatively scheduled for April 6.

Glimpse | Can Wisconsin Canola Oil Fuel Biodiesel?

Former county extension agent and current CVTC agriscience instructor Dwight Swenson believes that oil from canola grown in Wisconsin can produce a biodiesel fuel that is cost-competitive.

Questioning the Locals | Evelyn Henninger

The world has changed a lot since 1906. What’s one thing you’re sorry has changed?

Now everyone has everything fixed for them. I liked to go out and make my own trails.

Mapping Dick Feeney

local history buff leaving behind legacy in a map

As far as random knowledge of the Chippewa Valley goes, Dick Feeney is arguably the champion of it.

A Not-Ready-for-Primetime-Player

believe it or not, I actually have a problem with there being so much to do around here

During my college years I could go to bed at 2, get up at 6, and show up to work, all bleary-eyed and not showered. I was even kinda functional. I was working in the cafeteria at UWEC ... so as long as I kept an eye on the salad bar, life was good.