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Do Meaters Ever Win?

2010 marks one Midwesterner’s hesitant foray into vegetarian territory

"Everything was going smooth until Day 8. Yes, you read that right. Day 8. I made tacos with red beans and rice instead of meat. I thought they were delicious, my fiancé did not."

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The Rear End

Composting Boasting

winter time is no time to stop biodegrading stuff

If you feel burnt out with your current lifestyle, if you feel totally zombified by your TV and cell phone and iPod and electric foot massagers and toaster ovens ... try a big, stinky compost pile. It works for me.

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Opening Shots
Athletic Aesthetic

Sports 2009: Just the Updates

recapping a year of Chippewa Valley sports through the glorious Facebook status update

Imagine if you had been Facebook friends with significant regional figures in sports, and how they would have posted the notable athletic occasions of the year on their Facebook pages.

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Reinforced Metal

strong lineup (and a demo) emerges in local metal crew Silenize

“I discovered (Nate) singing karaoke in a bar, some Pantara song, or was it Pat Benatar?” – Silenize’s drummer, Greg, on discovering their guitarist/vocalist

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Minneapolis electronic duo makes local stop on tour

Lookbook is a collaboration between Grant Cutler and Maggie Morrison (notably from electro-pop group Digitata). Their album, True to Form, is a mixture of three parts Madonna and two parts Phoenix, a celebration of all things party-related.

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Frost Byte

Menomonie jungle show will showcase Midwest DJs

An upcoming music event is proving that more can come from the Midwest than frozen extremities.

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Alice in Eau Claire

Children's Theatre channeling Lewis Carroll

If you haven't ventured down the rabbit hole lately take the opportunity to see this unique classic live.

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Whirled News Tonight

Chicago improv comedy show heads to State Theatre

Reel in a newspaper, randomly tear off several headlines, and add some stand-up comedians to the mix. The result is Whirled News Tonight.

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Praised and Enthused

local man pens parenting book based on praise

“It’s sickening to see parents hit and verbally abuse their kids. Don’t be their boss; be their teacher. Treat them with respect and kindness ...” – Bill Callaghan, author of Rasied with Praise

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Visual Art

Gallery 111

ten Menomonie artists launch a new art Co-op

“As a student-organized cooperative art gallery, Gallery 111 strives to fuse the ideals of a ... member-driven gallery with the ideals of a fine art gallery.” – from Gallery 111’s mission statement

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Your Daily Dose of Fiber

Fiber Arts Festival to showcase 20 fiber artist/demonstrators

Until recently, the contemporary art world politely dismissed fiber art as “traditional,” “practical,” or “domestic” art. The Fiber Arts Festival is attacking that viewpoint.

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Local Look

Thanks for Asking | January 28, 2010

“I’m an insomniac. At four o’clock one morning I saw you on an episode of Animal Planet’s new show The Haunted, and I wanted to know where the story was set. The bridges looked like Chippewa Falls or maybe Jim Falls …”

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New Venue?

Nate and Justin Vernon hope to renovate downtown building into cultural space

“The Vernons’ proposal was an opportunity for downtown to go for the home run instead of playing it safe with a single. ... There is a big upside for the community if this project is successful.” – Mike Schatz, EC Economic Development Administrator & RDA

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Our Very Own Woonerf?

Muttered phrases like “mental speed bumps,” “pavement patterning,” and “colored and stamped concrete finishes” at a recent Eau Claire Plan Commission meeting have got us excited.

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