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Predictions for 0-Ten

V1’s human crystal ball looks into the near future

In 2010, I will continue losing hair, and by the end of the decade I will face difficult decisions about head shaving or hair replacement technology.

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The Rear End

Hand to Hand

I guess raising kids means getting your hands dirty

“OK,” I soothed, slightly confused as she placed the second one in my hand. “I’ll put them away. What are these, sweetie?”

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Opening Shots

Leo Kottke + Leon Redbone

acclaimed Leo’s team up for show at the State Theatre

Musical laypeople are rarely impressed with even the best guitar work. The guitar is so ubiquitous to so many types of music, with so many talented artists out there shredding, plucking, strumming, and picking, that it’s hard for non-musicians to differen

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The Threshing

locals bring an original musical to the stage

“People will want to see this musical because it is all about local people and history. … The music is of a Broadway caliber, and the play is such a neat opportunity that everybody should see it.” – playwright Karen Hurd

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It's Gallagher!

the 80s comedy icon comes to Ramada ready to smash stuff

Raincoats, garbage bags, sunglasses with windshield wipers, and an endurance for food squandering are necessary carry-ons for a Gallagher show.

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Visual Art

Big Work

large-scale artist starts local art co-op

“If you work out the amount of time they put into their craft with how much money they make, sometimes it ends up being pennies per hour.”

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illustration exhibition showcases popular film, book artists

The Foster Gallery is hosting a show appealing to fine artists and media junkies alike ...

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Local Look

Arts Link

new arts-based networking group forms

“We could make this big pretentious group with a hoity toity mission, but really we’re just some people getting together to enjoy great shows.”

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Food / Drink

Azul Tequila

new Mexican restaurant finds home in Eau Claire

With temperatures lowering in Eau Claire, the heat is certainly rising at the new restaurant Azul Tequila, which opened its doors on Dec. 22.

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The News in Food

conferences join forces to grow local food knowledge

I’m surely not the only Foodie geeking out about the line-up for the Midwest Value Added Agriculture Conference and Wisconsin Local Food Summit.

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Snowcial Winteraction

new winter event series starts on EC’s East Hill

Winter After Hours is a social get-together that offers ice skating, kubb, snowshoeing, snow sculpting, hot beverages, a fire pit, and wintry music under the pristine and festively lit Boyd Park.

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