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Re-branding Winter

Improving our mental (and physical) attitudes towards winter – there's much to gain.

Clearly, full-on downhill skiing is out of the picture, but after taking stock of what’s already happening (and what easily could happen) – the re-branding of winter in the Chippewa Valley doesn’t seem an unattainable goal.

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The Rear End

What Lies Beneath

I live my life directly above the object of my dread

Using the amount of dusty, stringy cobwebs clinging to my basement ceiling’s exposed floor joists, you can accurately pinpoint my house’s spider count at somewhere between 300,000 and 500,000.

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Opening Shots
Athletic Aesthetic

The New Face of the Bucks

Brandon Jennings single-handedly completed my mission

The Bucks were picked to finish last in the Eastern Conference. Surely, Jennings would be a bust; we knew that. If we cared to know. Then he took the court on November 14th and scored 55 points.

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Charles Morgan

CD: done. label: created. recording studio: made.

“Just how Phil (from Future Leaders of the World) has tried to get me into the national scene, I want to do the same for local people.”

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New Year's Rockings

rock 2009 into oblivion with House of Rock’s annual show

We can’t be certain the new year would come if the House of Rock didn’t throw its annual New Years Eve Bash.

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A Grand Little New Year

show promises a handful of bands + fistfuls of cheese puffs

If you still haven’t made New Year’s Eve plans, a new event just popped up that promises dancing, moshing, and cheese puffs.

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Visual Art

Dynamic Ceramic

Jennifer Thomas’s unique approach to pottery

“I looked at it and thought, ‘well this is so pretty, maybe I should stop eating out of it and starting wearing it.’”

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Holy Mackerel

family members create jaw-dropping mixture for gallery

Though this gallery exhibition includes works from three members of the same Medford-based family, I can safely say that it is the most crazily eclectic and awesomely odd art show in recent memory.

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Local Look

Lending Machine

city buys into regional fund to benefit local businesses

With help from the county, the city recently bought its way into the Regional Business Fund.

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