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In Good Waste

a local man’s experience with the art of dumpster diving

He was all too excited to take me around town, behind common establishments, to root around for gems amongst the trash. I was skeptical, but then again, aren’t we all.

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A Love-Hate Relationship

Twilight seems like bad news, but it keeps sucking me back in

And I wonder why I’m still reading ... yet I finished the first book, and picked up the second, then the third, then the fourth. Obviously I was going back for something, and it wasn’t Edward’s smoldering topaz eyes.

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Bon Iver/Memorial HS Jazz Album

Justin Vernon’s concert with alma mater’s jazz ensemble released on CD

Last April, an exceptional concert took place in the auditorium at Memorial High School that combined the talents of famed alumnus Justin Vernon.

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Locals Shoot Some Tunes

ambitious UWEC students start music video blog

“I think originally I had the notion that I’ll just film people I know, and we’ll see where it takes off,” says Fountain, “but already in the fifth segment I’m contacting people I’ve never talked to before and we’re getting good responses.”

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What's Your Passion?

the Mike Rambo Project stages concert experience

Unlike most shows in which the headlining band is promoting a new CD, this event treats the release as secondary ...

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Monroe Crossing

Midwest bluegrass all stars heading for the Mabel Tainter

Chippewa Valley bluegrass fans take note – the Midwest’s finest bluegrass band will soon take stage at the Mabel Tainter.

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The Really Good Book

local collector finds Bible worth more than $10,000

Just because a book is old doesn’t mean it’s valuable. Fortunately for Phillip Kaveny, the Bible he recently acquired ...

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Visual Art
Local Look

What’s in a Ghetto?

a local label debate

Former neighborhood association president Bob Schneider agreed. “Ghetto has an inflammatory connotation – ‘conferring inferior status or limited opportunity,’"

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The Cord Wrangler

Wrangling computer cords into submission is an ongoing battle. Solutions have been attempted, but many left much to be desired. Micah Maraia knew there had to be a better way.

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Food / Drink

Over-Caffeinated Menomonie

a mini tour of the city’s many quality coffeehouses

Menomonie's person-to-café ratio must be one of the highest in the country. And I’m not talking about Starbucks, here.

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