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Two Rivers Diverge ...

we chose the one that nobody knows about

The point is not to show how Eau Claire has dropped the ball on these opportunities, but to use The Dells as an example of how a community like ours can gain statewide notoriety.

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The Rear End

Fighting the First Wave of Christmas

I’ve seen decorations up before Halloween. Why, dear god, why?

People – even people who wait all year for Christmas to come with candy canes tightly grasped in their bemittened hands – need to chill out.

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Athletic Aesthetic

Sledding into First

winter baseball: a great idea or my greatest idea?

The prime problem with winter baseball is snowfall. As in, white flakes falling from the sky and into the eyes of fielders trying to catch an off-white ball. OK, then games can be postponed ... Otherwise, play ball.

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LISTEN: Greg Gilbertson

after a brief break, he’s back with new material

“I didn’t really expect to become a musician or anything, but it just sort of happened. Music just kind of takes over sometimes, whether you want it to or not.”

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Pedals Palooza!

a celebration of bassist Eric Thompson’s gagillion bands

Six bands. Three days. One local dude. An upcoming music festival showcases the versatility and knowledge of local bassist Eric Thompson.

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Hip-Hip Invaders

annual event features best in regional hip-hop

The House of Rock may have to temporarily change its name on Dec. 4 – I’m thinking Hip-Hop House or Rap Shack or Abode of Beats, something like that ...

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Holiday Theater Roundup

’tis the season for Christmas Carols and Nutcrackers

If you or your family is looking for some entertainment to get into the mood, there are loads of shows to see.

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Found Footage Festival

FFF returns with a new round of awkwardly weird videos

The guys who run the Found Footage Festival live in a weird world of rappin’ Jewish grannies, jingle cats, and cussing RV salesmen ...

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Local Look

The Parks Guru

Eau Claire’s Phil Johnson opts for the private sector

Public spaces define areas in a community, and each of those areas is better because of them.

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Wider Scope

A Wisconsin Writer in Tokyo

local scores gig translating video games

Originally hailing from a farm between Fall Creek and Eau Claire, former V1 contributor Ben Freund has gone the opposite direction and is now living in the Tokyo megatropolis.

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What Does a Painting Sound Like?

Dallas Museum of Art and the University of Texas let you listen to artwork

Inspired to engage more of their senses when admiring art, some students have set out to define what individual paintings sound like.

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Food / Drink

Porter's Goes to India

local restaurant answers your call for Indian cuisine

Ever since Flavor of India closed its operation a few years ago, Chippewa Vallians have been aching for Indian cuisine.

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Married Movers

local dance instructors Dave and Karen Goggin

“You have to defend yourself from the other dancers on the floor. It can get brutal out there.” – Dance instructor Dave Goggin

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