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What Is Volume One Worth to You?

It’s a magazine and a website. It’s local events and a community vision. All free of charge.

It’s as simple as this: In the same way you can help a local business like a fledgling coffee house, restaurant, or retail space by choosing to spend your money there, you can now help Volume One like that too.

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The Rear End

Swamp Things!

when I go hunting, I find a lot more than deer

First of all, let me say that, for those of us with active imaginations, walking through a swamp on the way to your deer stand at 4:30ish in the morning is an experience somewhere between spooky and crap-your-pants terrifying.

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Burn, Baby, Burn

infamous Burning Man is what you make of it

For many of us, it is life-changing. So while I can’t accurately articulate what happens in that Nevada desert, and I can’t speak for any other burners, I can share five life lessons I learned.

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WHYS Welcomes the Widows

locals Pullman, Evergreen play with Cities’ Bitter Roots

If you are not going to be out slaying deer in the woods of greater Wisconsin on Saturday, November 21, make your way down to the House of Rock.

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a solid 16 years on the indie scene, and still going strong

Low is a band of dichotomies. They’re rockstars who bring their kids with them on tour. Alan Sparhawk (the driving force behind the band) is a Mormon who likes to drink. 

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Sew What?

local costume designers give insight to their craft

"I didn’t go to school for this, but when my daughter was in her first Eau Claire Children’s Theater show and I helped with the costumes, I got really excited about it. I got the theater bug.”

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Now Playing in Nigeria

Nigerian lit conference honors work of local professor

“You’re just doing what you love to do, and someone notices. It’s like a collective, international nodding. It strengthens me.”

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Visual Art

Traveling Full Circle

Andy Schansberg stages Eau Claire exhibition

“My hope is to cause a shift in the viewer’s perspective when they come in contact with my work.” – L.A. artist Andy Schansberg

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Animated Battles

indie animated feature Waltz With Bashir comes to UWEC

Waltz With Bashir isn’t so much a film as it is an experience of the surreal.

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Local Look

Arts on a Budget

arts organization funding issue divides city council

“They aren’t fluff. They bring affordable outlets for entertainment; they bring economic development; and they’re certainly worth our help.” – City Council President Kerry Kincaid

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