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Where Are the Wild Things?

they are in Menomonie, and they are wolves – packs of them

Something was rustling around in the grass and making a clanking noise. She got out of bed and peered out the window. There was a bright moon overhead, but a shadow from the building hid the noisy animal. Suddenly she gasped, “Wolf!”

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The Rear End


the defining holiday in a young boy’s dorky life

Halloween gives us that strange and amazing mixture of fear and excitement that can only happen once a year when we’ve eaten enough sugar to kill a zebra.

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Athletic Aesthetic

You're in Our Turf

I kinda dig the Chippewa Valley’s move to artificial grass

The four highest-profile fields in western Wisconsin are all artificial, and they all look darn good. No turf-caused injuries, best as I can tell.

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Vinyl Tap

new record stores prove vinyl is back in a big way

On the local level, Eau Claire has seen two used record stores start up recently, both of which immediately reported great responses to their openings.

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Releasing Wookiefoot

Minneapolis‘s psychedelic explosion to release album

Wookiefoot, the Minneapolis band, the psychedelic circus, the artist collective and globe-trekking bliss junkies are currently on a CD release tour for their latest album.

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Zorn to Host OK Go

no treadmills, no backyard dancing, just great pop hooks.

OK Go. You probably know them as the precocious young guys who brought you that crazy internet dance video, but they’re also the guys who brought you … that other crazy video where they’re on treadmills.

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Visual Art

Money Maker

local artist Mallory Prucha Rishoi wins “Green Coin” design contest

Local artist Mallory Prucha Rishoi is making money, and it’s not just for her wallet.

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That's a Rapt

student-made thriller to screen on campus

What is in the box? I just gotta know! It could be anything – a tiger, a million dollars, or even a baby! If you are as curious as I, you should drop by Davies Theatre and check out the student-made film entitled Rapt.

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Local Look

Bike to the Future

commission wants input on the city’s biking needs

This is a great opportunity for everyone to get involved in the improvement of our community. The committee is eagerly awaiting public input.

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Food / Drink

It's Getting Chili Out

three upcoming events show how much we love our chili

You know what Wisconsinites love about this time of year? One word. Chili. You know what else we like? Eating a crapload of chili for charity.

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Polo on Wheels (with pictures!)

group in Menomonie reintroducing bike polo

Bike polo has been making a comeback from the early 1900s through fixed gear culture and Christenson wanted to be a part of that resurgence.

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