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FEATURE: A Throw of the Dice

The Stone's Throw's live music legacy and revolving door of owners

In 30 years the music establishment most commonly known as The Stone’s Throw has weathered changes beyond music trends; it has had more than nine owners or operators, each experiencing successes and failures before ultimately closing the doors.

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EXTRA: Running a Music Venue 101

by Rob Rule, formerly of the Turf Club in St. Paul and Bar Chord Music Club near Menomonie

Realistically, there’s going to be rent, or a mortgage payment, then you have a staff payment, then you have insurance, a liquor license ...

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Opening Letters

Expert in the Field

field trips are an essential part of a child’s education

No matter which school you attended or when you grew up, almost everyone that went through the Eau Claire Area School District had the same great experiences. It’s these shared experiences of our local culture and heritage that help tie us together as a

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The Rear End

Ooh, It's So Good

the humble church cookbook contains many hidden pleasures

I like to invent stories about the people who seem to contribute most of the recipes to church cookbooks because they’re an overbearing, frilly blouse-wearing, control freak church ladies. I’m talking about you, Millie Knutson.

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Opening Shots
Reader Letters

The Ronald Raygun

long-defunct band somehow releases album while still broken up

“The whole Ronald Raygun: Mach One was difficult for everybody. The circumstances were stacked against us."

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Barrelful of Rock

Bottle & Barrel Bar featuring live music

Downtown Eau Claire’s Bottle & Barrel Bar (209 Graham Ave.) is now featuring live music and comedy on Friday nights

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A Singing Success

Jake Henry's song Billy in the Low Ground recently earned first place in the general category at the 38th Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas.

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Peter Wolf Crier

In an unprompted spark of creativity during the summer of 2008, Peter Pisano (The Wars of 1812) first began the diligent late night process of mapping songs that would eventually become his new musical endeavor.

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Risky Business

exactly how well do risqué shows play around here?

"Do it in a way that says it’s different and alternative, so the people that buy season tickets aren’t showing up going, ‘What’s an angry inch?’”

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Holly Henson

“irreverently upbeat” comedian to laugh off cancer

Holly Henson, a self described “irreverently upbeat” comic, is a one-woman show and a comedic sledge hammer, never coming up short on targets or laughs.

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Visual Art

Local Strokes

well-traveled artist loves painting local

“I think too many artists today feel that everything they do is precious at every moment. I try to fight that. I dirty it up, make it un-precious.”

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A Mural on Wax Paper

local artist gives familiar building a “face” lift

Many of you probably have wandered past a business on the corner of Water Street and Sixth at some time or another, wondering what it was, or if it was even open.

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Down the Hallway

faculty and alumni join forces for UWEC art display

UWEC's Art Department has invited recent accomplished alumni to join the faculty art show in Foster Gallery.

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Local Look

Our Schools' Good News

videos better connect schools to community

“I hope people in the community can realize, by watching these shows, how great the students and staff are in our school district.”

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Thanks for Asking | October 1, 2009

Could you track down whatever became of the Big Ben in London Square Mall?

Detroit artist Oscar Graves constructed the clock for London Square. While we Eau Clairians think of it fondly, it’s by no means ...

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Food / Drink

Eating Your Yard

a local Food Not Lawns chapter sprouts in Eau Claire

“If you till up your ground and plant something there, you’d be surprised how much you like it. And you won’t need to mow.”

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It's Prime (Rib) Time

new Menomonie eatery tackles the meaty issues

The new Sparx Restaurant in Menomonie would be best described as supper club meets sports bar ...

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Asia Palace

the Valley’s newest Asian buffet adds a sushi chef to the mix

Step inside, and behold the tremendous fountain just inside the door, venture around the corner and see the full-service bar, made of jade stone ...

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Special Sections

The Ice Age Trail

(an outdoor adventures must-know)

Did you know there is an awesome 1,200-mile hiking path that spans the entire state and passes just north of Chippewa? Well put your eyes back in and grab your hiking boots ...

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