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FEATURE: Dare to Bare

local models discuss the challenges, misconceptions, and experience of posing nude

“When I told my parents I wanted to be a nude model, they said, ‘Do you need money? Are you broke?’ I guess they thought I was desperate.”

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An Army of Me(s)

reflections of an apparently common-named person

All of the other Eric Rasmussens are doing fascinating things that make me jealous. One was a professional baseball player, and another is some sort of ultimate fighter. One has written books about Shakespeare, and another is ...

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The Rear End

The Valley Gets a New Listener

upon the birth of my second kid, I’m thinking about music

So far, my fathering skill set mostly consists of successfully fighting my daughter for the “Clipo” pieces I need to complete my Awesome Battle Tower with Giant Cannons and Grappling Hook Launchers.

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Athletic Aesthetic

Fathering a Love of Sports

what my dad taught me about sports and why I’ll miss him

“I kept playing catch with my dad through my 20s, and I’m due to do so again this summer even after I turn 30.” I never did.

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LISTEN: Sassy Magoo

local favorites Sassy Magoo lay down debut album

“If you can’t dance at a Sassy Magoo show, you can’t dance anywhere."

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Laarks Go Kosher

Laarks sign with Absolutely Kosher, plan album re-release and tour

The band’s hard work is coming to fruition in the shape of a record deal with one of the most well-known indie-rock labels in the business.

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Outdoor Music in Altoona

group of locals trying to expand town’s summer events

While Eau Claire is booming with outdoor music, its neighbor Altoona has almost nothing, so a few months ago a handful of its residents decided to do something about it.

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WHYS Bluegrass Festival

WHYS Radio’s second annual festival brings the local twang

As the metaphorical sun sets on the summer, you might consider lawnstorming Lake Altoona County Park for WHYS Radio’s second annual Bluegrass Festival.

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Fanny Hill: Show Stopper

theater at iconic Fanny Hill to conclude in six months

“When people boast about town, one of the first things is this dinner theater. We’re known around the state. We’re part of the fabric of the community.”

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Making Fantasy a Reality

nonfiction pro Nate Aeseng pens a Tolkienesque trilogy

“It was always my dream to do something Tolkienesque, something similar to the works of C.S. Lewis.” –Nathan Aaseng

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Visual Art

Fenris Unchained

a group of locals film a horror flick in Eau Claire

... before long their 15-minute horror-comedy flick included Norse mythology and strippers, so they scrapped the short film idea to created a production company and feature-length film, instead.

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