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School Garden Teaches Sustainability, Eating Local

Designed by Mike Goettl of Sustainable Landscaping, the student garden at Eau Claire’s DeLong Middle School demonstrates the integration of current green culture and education.

A Collar of a Different Color

The Chippewa Valley looks to join the green collar movement as it sweeps the nation and state

Twitter Is Not Dumb

most people talking about Twitter don’t seem to get it

The internet has been making masturbatory self-aggrandizing as easy 1-2-3 for over a decade now.

Are We Ready for change?

conservation and efficiency have a place in our energy policy, too

To propose that we as a nation should strive for energy independence, but to tell us we don’t have to change the status quo of how we think about and interact with energy is a disservice ... lip service.

Ryan Cabrera

Skate America rolls out national-local music combo

Teen heartthrob Ryan Cabrera to be rolling into Skate America.

It's a Kubb-olution!

US Midwest Kubb Championship tossed into Boyd Park

Over 40 teams, from five different states, will be swarming Boyd Park on August 8 to compete in the 2009 U.S Midwest Kubb Championship.

Blues on the Chippewa

Durand’s blues festival returns with strong local lineup

Do you like the blues? Do you like free activities? Then you will definitely be into the Blues on the Chippewa Music Festival coming to Memorial Park in Durand.

Mary Mack Attack

Last Comic Standing semifinalist coming to town

Mary Mack is coming to town! No, not the one from the rhyme, silly – the Last Comic Standing semifinalist.

Parents Pen Book: Ready or Not … They’re Gay

a local couple writes a book about their sons coming out

“We spent eight years seeing people suffer ... because they shielded that piece of them. ... The more involvement we had in that community, the more we saw a need for something like this.”

The Bar Out Back

Moke’s Bar and Grill in Hallie offers outdoor fun

“It’s not a college bar; not an old person bar; it’s an everyone bar. It’s a place everyone can feel welcome.” – Nate Moquin

ARTIST PROFILE: Another Man's Treasure

Roger Adams uses trash for art materials

“It’s my life. And if by doing this I can make people smile, chuckle, get angry, then I’ve done something right.” – Roger Adams

Wide Plans of a Palindrome

Eau Claire teens release debut album, have really long band name

Adler, Markgraf, and Kuehn are some of the first kids to grow up in the current Eau Claire indie scene.

Put Da Duke Wit Da Coconut

quirky songsmiths record album four states apart

The duo cites eclectic mock-rockers Ween as an influence on their refusal to be just one band.

Locally Produced iPhone App Gives You an Out

David Brier of DBD International in Menomonie developed IsoBusy, a new iPhone application.

Whether you get a call from your daughter making poor decisions on spring break or an awkward call from a restaurant owner upset about your inappropriate behavior last night, each call is a definite excuse to excuse yourself.

Police Reports | July 23, 2009

Do not assume your neighbor took his kindergarten curriculum about sharing seriously and help yourself to some chicken off his grill.

Shortcuts | July 23, 2009

College education does not come cheaply, and rumblings about the growing cost of higher learning are not unfounded.

Seeing the Signs

clothing boutique shows downtown a sign of what’s to come

Isabelle & Co. not only leads the way in high-end women’s retail, but now in outdoor signage as well.

Thanks for Asking | July 23, 2009

Adin Randall. What was he like – and how do you pronounce his first name?

Although he was one of our city’s first promoters – and involved in many ventures – Adin never got rich.

En Garde!

Eau Claire group, Amtgard, relives Medieval battles

On both sides of the clash, all are parrying strikes, making the killing blow, casting spells, or sailing arrows at each other smack dab in the middle of Eau Claire’s Owen Park on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon.

All’s Fair in State Fairs

exhibiting for those surly judges at the Northern Wisconsin State Fair

I entered a pillow. It took a year to stitch. It was the only entry in its category. It got a Red Ribbon – second place. The note said, “would look better as a framed picture.”