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FICTION: You Always Do This

Winner, 6th Annual Volume One Fiction Contest

In the quivering candlelight Malcolm looked across the table at Ana, whose black curls were piled in a mass on top of her head.

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Fiction Contest Winners

the champions of Volume One’s 6th Annual Fiction Contest

Who won what in our 6th Annual Fiction Contest (and our 1st Annual Flash Fiction Contest).

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Opening Letters

Flu Comes Squealing Home

swine flu was pretty funny ‘til it happened to me … then it was only kind of funny

I just disregarded the whole thing as something you “read about in the paper,” like my grandma would say, and moved on to bigger issues like the whole Jon and Kate saga.

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Opening Shots
Reader Letters
Athletic Aesthetic

Bucks in a Rut

the team isn’t making my fan base quest any the team isn’t making my fan base quest any easier

... there was one online commenter who noted that he and his roomates are Bucks fans. Great, now I know four.

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Northern Wisconsin State Fair

Night Ranger is coming to town ... must be state fair time

Although the rides, funnel cakes, and oversized stuffed Bengal tigers cost extra, you can experience live music all day, everyday with standard admission.

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Wound Up

former local DJ Unwind getting big in Minneapolis

“When you tell someone that your from Eau Claire, and they’re from Los Angeles, they’re like ‘Where? Wisconsin?’”

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Heeeeeeere’s Johnny

former local returns for Country Jam – on bass

Stanton is most notably a bass player for country music singer Heidi Newfield, and he’s been touring the country with her for a little over a year.

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Riding High

former locals Megafaun release sophomore album

The dudes are no stranger to good press from the sometimes fickle indie rock media elite, but this album seems to be teetering on the verge of something great.

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Bilbo Comes to Eau Claire

Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild Stages The Hobbit

While 2012 might seem like an insurmountable amount of time to wait for the Peter Jackson/Guillermo de Toro feature film, fortunately the epic tale is coming to Eau Claire in July.

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Tech Support: The Musical

local thespians lampoon modern customer service

Tech Support: The Musical, the hilarious show centered around the not-so-funny nightmare of a tech support call, will be featured at the Mabel Tainter and Grand Little Theatre for one night only.

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Visual Art

Top Draw-er

Menomonie’s children’s book illustrator Beth Peck

“I could probably have illustrated the book without doing research, but it just adds richness, I think ... and it enriches my experience of doing it.”

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Sharp Art

local artist Hanna Agar lands deal with Sharpie

All it took for recent UWEC art graduate Hanna Agar was a rep from Sharpie to make a convenient click of the mouse.

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Local Look

Washing the Wastewater

a fascinating trip into the world of local sewage

Last year, the City of Eau Claire’s Wastewater Treatment Plant treated 2.06 million gallons of your, um, used water.

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Sustainability Fair

Menomonie's Wilson Park to get really, really green

On Saturday, July 25, Wilson Park in Menomonie will once again be the host of a Sustainability Fair.

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Special Sections

Light at the End of the Tunnel

We've seen the worst, but it's not over. How do you stay on your economic feet?

Economists and job market experts say we’ve seen the worst of it, but it’s not over, so provide suggestions to ensure locals land on their feet.

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