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The Rear End

My Hipster Backlash Backlash

Making Fun of those Idiot Hipsters is so Mainstream

"Bashing hipsters is just like bashing goth kids or emo kids or Young Republicans. People do it because they’re easy targets."

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Reader Letters

Johnny Came Lately

Think the Public Enemies premier is nuts? You should’ve seen filming.

When they weren’t talking about Johnny, they were digging deep into their brain for a tidbit that they hadn’t told in a week or so while they patiently waited for the subject to come up again.

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Not the People You See

Reflections on Senior Citizens and Life in the Country

These are not the people you see. Standing in line at the grocery store, I used to look straight past them until I ...

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South Farwell

local jammers embark on a recording adventure

Bill Boles, along with Tim Coughlin, Phil Juodis, and Cory Dahl evoke the spirit of early Springsteen, Ray Lamontagne, and even local favorites DeYarmond Edison. The result is the beautiful Tear Everything Down.

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Nancy Nelson

folk singer/songwriter draws on painful past

It’s comforting to know that an artist sings with truth behind their voice. Nancy Nelson, a mezzo-soprano and Mondovi native, began playing guitar and singing at a young age.

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local hip-hopper ‘carves’ out new album

“I never told a lie, not one of my rhymes. This time I’m making sure that I’m living my life.”

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Your Golden Ticket

Infamous Chocolate Factory Coming to the State Theatre

Let me ask a question, “Who can take a sunrise / Sprinkle it with dew / Cover it in chocolate / And a miracle or two?”

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Thespians & Poets on Campus

One-Act Plays, Poetry Readings on Wednesdays in July

To go or not to go will be the question of Wednesday evenings in July, and the eclectic mix of actors, spoken-word artists, and Bard-lovers alike hope you don’t take as long as Hamlet to decide.

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Crime Season

Jon Loomis releases next installment of crime fiction

Professor Loomis revels in what he jokingly called the “lower rent” world of crime fiction.

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Ed Gein: So Dramatic

For those with Badger state pride, a musical inclination, and a healthy fascination with the outlandish, a new film being shot in Omro is sure to please.

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Local Look

The Wallet in the Wall

billfold returned to owner 40 years after it was lost

“He said, ‘I found your wallet,’ and I said, ‘What do you mean? I have my wallet right here.’ I thought it was some kind of ... new scam.”

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Thanks for Asking | June 25, 2009

The Grand Illusion on Water Street – I remember it was Amazing Jeffries, something like that ...

"You’re remembering Lord Jeffries Pub, which it was only briefly. For a dozen years between Lord Jeffries and the GI ..."

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Food / Drink

Walter's Beer is Back!

An old favorite has made a triumphant return to Eau Claire area watering holes. Walter’s beer, an Eau Claire based brew dating back to the 1890s, has been ...

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Godfather of Game Day

Draganetti’s Owners Open Sports Bar & (Italian) Grill

“We’re all Italian in my family. It’s been an inside joke that maybe we’re part of the mafia.”

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Kid Culture

A Good Cup of Tee

YMCA and Hickory Hills Offer Y-Tee Youth Golf Program

The new Y-Tee program is a golf instructional program offered through the Eau Claire YMCA.

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Fourth of July Celebrations

There’s Way More than Fireworks on Independence Day

Prepare yourself for an exiting 4th of July weekend, because the Chippewa Valley is jumping with activities for tons of patriotic family fun.

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Packer to Ride for Uganda

Packer Ryan Pickett Teams with Annual Eau Claire Ride

This year will be the fourth year of the Bike Ride for Uganda, but the first time that it will be paired up with Green Bay Packers’ defensive tackle Ryan Pickett.

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