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Keeping the Art Pulse Beating

countless local artists and venues are finding they aren’t immune to recent economic woes

Nationally, regionally, and even here in the Chippewa Valley, countless artists and venues are finding they aren’t immune to recent economic woes.

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Editor's Notes
Opening Letters

Murky Memories

hoping for a glimmer of the Half Moon Lake of my childhood

When I was a kid growing up on Vine Street in the 80s, the train tracks that bisected my lower west side neighborhood led straight to ...

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Opening Shots
Athletic Aesthetic

A Big Draw and Little Fade

a discussion with the man that made Eau Claire famous for golf

This era saw golfers such as Tom Puls, Joe Springer, and Jeff Michaelson rule the local scene, as more state attention came to the Valley.

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Feeling the Blues in Owen Park

blues society starts summer concert series

“Why put all our eggs in one basket? Let’s do blues throughout summer.” – Blues Society President Ken Fulgione

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Comeback Keil

local punk bassist back on tour with Comeback Kid

"Since then I think we’ve played over 200 shows in about 35 countries on five different continents.”

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The Ranchhands

internationally renowned duo kicks off tour in EC

Credited as “the first American country music band to perform in Albania and Bosnia” ...

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Songstress Showcase

event features some of the area’s best female musicians

Sweet, poppy, folksy, and soulful: everything you can expect from the Songstress Showcase at the Acoustic Café.

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Improv Yourself

learn to unearth your funny side with comedy classes

Eau Claire is proud to introduce its own Who’s Line Is It Anyway?, and you’re invited to play.

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Local Look

What a Whip Can Get You

one of the world’s best with a whip is from right here

The first thing you notice when you meet Adam is how he manages to make something that he takes very seriously, and is obviously incredibly skillful at, seem almost casual.

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Food / Drink

New Eatery: The Livery

new downtown eatery focuses on unexpected fare

On the second floor, rough beams rise diagonally from a restored wooden floor. The space has the presence of a hayloft. This was, after all, where the horses were kept.

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Kid Culture

Worms at School

Chippewa Falls students are learning in the dirt

With 1,100 school lunch plates created daily, there is no shortage of worm food. Yes, "worm food."

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Other Stuff

Watching Monsters

model builder scores major YouTube viewership

At what age should one put aside childish things? For local model builder Rob Mattison, the answer sure as hell isn’t 46 years old.

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