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If You Don't Vote, Don't ...

if you sit around on election day, don’t expect your view to change

20% of you will vote in the election. I'd bet the other 80% are the people I hear complaining.

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Athletic Aesthetic

Yam Cannon

tuber rockers release jamtastic new album

“It’s definitely the old-school San Francisco sound when we get cooking.”

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Out to Launch

high school band competition features three local groups

Three bands of high school students from Eau Claire, Durand, and Fall Creek will compete...

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Women Rise Up

musicians and speakers discuss women’s issues, raise money for causes

The goal of the event is to put women and women’s issues into the spotlight.

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Battle of the Bands

local music competition returns for more rock-based brawls

The grand prize is a spot at the Milwaukee and Eau Claire Summerfest music festivals.

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Playing Chicken

in his fourth book with Harper-Collins, Mike Perry targets poultry

In Coop, Perry recalls a year surrounding his and his wife’s simple desire to own chicken

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Visual Art

Fashionable Program

UW-Stout’s outstanding apparel design outfit

“It’s great when people ask you where you got a shirt and you can say ... I made that.”

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Local Look

The (Taxidermy) Six Pack

six of the weirdest once-living items at downtown Eau Claire’s Antique Emporium

Check out some of the Chippewa Valley's strangest stuffed animals!

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Kid Culture

Greasy Fixin's

local bike lovers spread a sense of autonomy

“One of the most important things we’re trying to do is give people a sense of ownership."

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Other Stuff

Green Day

Owen Park event features earthy fun for everyone

Celebrate, Inform, and Promote: goals of the Eau Claire Community Earth Day Celebration.

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annual animé convention continues to grow in popularity

NoBrandCon is the Chippewa Valley’s own haven for costume-wearing animé lovers.

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