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Opening Letters

Talkin' Beards

contemplating facial hair as a sign of the times, or just a fad

Beards are the new pierced ear, the new rat-tail, the new soul patch ...

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The Rear End

Not So Super ... Market

loving and hating the Chippewa Valley’s grocery stores

One thing I love about grocery shopping is pushing the grocery cart. It’s an art form.

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Opening Shots
Athletic Aesthetic

Side Projector

duo starts ongoing event to encourage musical innovation

Side Project is making darn sure the Chippewa Valley has its fair share of super-groups.

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It's Intergalactic!

one-of-a-kind science fiction radio-play comes to town

A wildly appealing science fiction radio-play will be crash-landing on the State Theatre.

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Visual Art
Local Look

Bright Ideas

local students compete in Rube Goldberg contest

Their 49-step Mine Shaft machine had inventive reverse folding stairs, sand filling buckets ...

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Reverend Aaron

Eau Claire man starts Church of Atheism

Rev. Aaron is starting up the “Church of Atheism” as a free-thinking discussion group.

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Kid Culture

Puddle Jump

Third annual fun run/walk benefits after-school programs

Put your footwork to a good cause and participate in the Puddle Jump 5k Fun Run/Walk.

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Special Sections

Kids & Families

a fun-filled Volume One special section

a guide to what the Chippewa Valley has in the ol' toy box, kids

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Other Stuff