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Playing Pick Up

trash reflects a throwaway society obsessed with upgrades

I never liked seeing that trash on the sidewalk, but I hate seeing “wireless waste” even more.

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The Cloud Hymn

new Amble Down record unleashes the subdued sounds of John Nielson

“Once Kyle (Frenette of Amble Down) got involved, he really took off with it.”

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Arts Madness

don’t miss the State Theatre’s 10-10-10-10 promotion

On March 10, from 10am to 10pm, all remaining shows in the theater’s schedule are just $10.

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Write by Night

children’s series authors are librarians by day

“Our boys asked us, ‘What do bears eat?’ I didn’t know, so we’d look that up ..."

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Visual Art

Judge & Jury

a judge’s process to award one piece of art from 251

It comes down to pink slips and green slips. Art juror Scott Stulen has a stack of both.

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Local Look

Rumblings | March 5, 2009

Community Arts Center: several parties are discussing a complex in Eau Claire

A small group has been discussing the possibility of a community arts center for a few years.

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Wider Scope

Vader Fame

Blame Society founder has Chippewa Valley ties

Yonda/Vader: “It was possibly one of the most thrilling moments of my life.”

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Food / Drink

EAT SCENE: Dine Local

several restauranteurs look to local producers for ingredients

“It takes more time than opening a catalog and going, ‘OK, we’ll take a case of this ...'"

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