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Covering All the Bases

the historical sport of indoor baseball and how it swept the Valley

Long ago, an indoor winter sport was taking on a life of its own in the Chippewa Valley.

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30 Years of Decadence

Decadent Cabaret hits three decade milestone

“The thing is intended to be Halloween, Mardi Gras, and New Year’s Eve all rolled into one."

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Curtain Call

one last show for stage duo Larry and Lucy Weidner

“As far as I know, they were on the Ark, and have been doing plays ever since.”

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Albert Herring

British opera comedy comes to UWEC’s Ganter Concert Hall

The public sees most opera as depressing music sung in a different language ...

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In a Bind

class on the art of binding books comes to Eau Claire

Buranakorn's talents earned one book a spot in the private collection of the King of Thailand.

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Visual Art

Faithful Images

church exhibition of famous Chinese watercolorist He Qi

Most people would not think of a church for a progressive, modern art gallery.

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Local Look

Making the Connection

plan may bring multimodal transport options to Valley

Plans by the Midwest Regional Rail Initiative promises only to “consider” service to the area.

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Food / Drink

More Than a Meal

The Creamery touts the entire dining experience

... the occasion felt like a worldly experience, a cultural awakening that challenged me.

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