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Weddings & Occasions

Volume One’s gift to the Chippewa Valley’s soon- to-be wed.

Your guide to everything wedding here in the Chippewa Valley.

On New Year's Eve

I ate some crackers so now I’m ready to predict stuff

I predict that your favorite ethnic restaurant will close and you'll be very, very pissed.


my love for books rivals my love for, well, everything else

I feel more comfortable in bookstores than I do in any other public place.

Let’s Have a Ball, Y’all!

bipartisan inaugural ball hopes to inspire change

People of all ages, backgrounds, and political viewpoints must attend.

Winter ‘Blue’ Grass Festival

Mabel Tainter pulls in some of Midwest’s best bluegrass

Liberate yourself from the seasonal mix of cabin fever and slush-socks ...

Phantom Tollbooth

Kennedy Center Theater group to present quirky classic

Intelligent and catchy musical The Phantom Tollbooth on its way.

Blues Clues Live

dramatic detective dog scampers into State Theatre

Here comes that cotton candy-blue colored dog ...


15-artist show features interpretations of “green”

“Green is big right now. The whole thing is, ‘what are we going to do to save the world?’”

All In the Family

Eau Claire father pens youth books for his kids

“My philosophy is to write a book that parents will want to read, and that kids will enjoy."

Optical Delusions

magician trio mini-tour hits Grand Little Theatre

"I make sure that what I’m creating has never been done before.”

No Sugar or Spice Here

hard rock from all-female band Kaptivating Kate

“We can rock harder than most guy bands.”

Statewide Band Battle

Are you ready to bring your band out of the garage or basement, and into the stratosphere?

You Tubing Carnegie

If you have some talent and a camera, you have the opportunity to play the historic hall.

Shortcuts | Jan. 8, 2009

Chippewa Falls closed a $1.4 million deal for a major commercial development that could ...

Police Reports | Jan. 8, 2009

lessons we've learned from local police reports

A kid stole a rifle from his mom’s gun cabinet and pawned it for tickets to a Vikings game.

Thanks for Asking | Jan. 8, 2009

Is Bon Iver the biggest local entertainment story ever?

Is Bon Iver the biggest local entertainment story ever?

Beyond Green

Eau Claire reviews sustainability plans

“It doesn’t mean the city will do it, but they’ll have to consider it.”

A Tale of Two Cities

students and locals need to break from their insularity

Last year’s university enrollment was 10,346. That’s 15 percent of the city’s population.