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You're Not Pretty

local band Meridene unveils new album (listen to some tracks)

The word "catchy" came up quite a bit in the interviews with Meridene.

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A Trio of Duos

Hymn for Her, The Sidekicks side-by-side for two shows

Both Jeff White and James Ignacio are accomplished singer-songwriters who share ...

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Do You Remember?

former Hüsker Dü drummer headlines rockin’ lineup

Hart still mines from the cleaner spectrum of indie rock with a bit of folksy quality ...

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Drum 'N' Bass Beatdowwn

with MC Brace, MC Hyde, Catalyst, Josh G

Jungle: Hard-driving, funky, dancy drum ‘n’ bass? Or an organic techno conspiracy with ...

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A Novel Undertaking

group of locals try cranking out a novel in 30 days

Robert took a dare to write a story with a talking Walrus named Gerald.

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Visual Art

Flesh and Bonsai

student’s art exhibit showcases man against nature

Infinitea is now the proud home of Flesh and Bonsai, an art exhibit by Kaz Kuroki.

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Local Look

Get Smartt

online job network changes face of area employment

“Employers are more cognizant of the people they are hiring. They’re not just going ..."

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Food / Drink

Bringin' the Burgers

new burger joint comes to Eau Claire’s east side

“Our burgers are better. We bake our own buns, buy fresh Angus, hand make our patties ..."

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