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In the Halloween Mood: Frightful Flick Fest

Volume One editor Trevor Kupfer picks scary flicks for every taste

The most important element to the tradition of Halloween is a huge load of scary movies – Volume One editor Trevor Kupfer picks scary flicks for every taste.

Dressy Bessy

hodgepodge band inciting dance fever at UW-Stout

Denver natives Dressy Bessy are a grab-bag of dance rock and power pop.

Filling a Musical Void

Desolatevoid releases thrashing follow-up album

Allow opening track, “Isolation Embrace,” to be the unexpected violent shove from behind ...

Church Basement Ladies

a play about a small-town Minnesota church, “you betcha”

“It’s a classic show that would appeal to this area.”

Stockpiling Saltwater

experiencing the world ... one bottled water at a time

This was my first European water; there was no question it deserved prominence.

I’m a Twig Fest Fan

quaint, small-town festival knocks the snark right out of me

A big ribbon-wrapped barrel of kitsch with the word ‘cherish’ hand-painted on the side.

Lessons Close to Home

talking with local homeschoolers

Home schooling looks different in every family. That might be the beauty of it.

Found Footage Festival

local duo discovers a whole new batch of hysterical clips

Found Footage Festival will grace Eau Claire with yet another outrageous cinematic experience.

Not a Fairytale Ending

mishaps delay promising 48-Hour Video Project

“There’s always mishaps,” crewmember Stephanie Dee told me during their shoot ...

The Gallery of a Lifetime

professor selling her life’s work to support renovation

Janet Carson’s painting career is a journey that spans both decades and a myriad of styles ...

Bird Is the Word

local columnist pens bird-watching book

“I’d rather have a live wolverine duct-taped to my face than do one of those things again.”

Turning 40 Family Tavern Tour

I’m a child of the 70s and 80s. I grew up going to taverns and supper clubs with my parents.

Midwest Tour for Gentle Guest

Two months after releasing its rowdy, dirty blues debut, The Gentle Guest is hitting the road.

Ramblers Release New CD

The Chippewa Valley’s The River City Ramblers have released a new full-length album.

Sol Men

Irie Sol’s new CD perfectly blends its mixed influences

Where does a Midwest rock/reggae/rap/dance/whatever band go when it needs to produce an album?

Shortcuts | Oct. 23, 2008

Now the city and university have teamed up to present a fresh, new online directory ...

Police Reports | Oct. 23, 2008

lessons we've learned from local police reports

When someone steals 500 pounds of copper balls ...

Casting Ballots

parties discuss the issues important to local voters

Health care and energy are two large issues on voters’ minds, but it all about the economy.

Reader Letters | Oct. 23, 2008

I’m not telling you anything new if I say the economy has hit an extremely rough patch ...

Moles Make a Mountain of East Hill

those peksy burrowers keep digging holes in my garden

“Oh my god! These ugly rodents are living in the yard designated as my gardening area?!”