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Baby Steps

learning about the next generation, one coworker at a time

I pity the young ones forced to eat any meat-based baby food. Seriously, it was gross.

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The Rear End

Camping Champion

inner urges for the outdoors come raging to the surface

I want to forge trails, man! Can’t a guy like me do a little light forging around here?

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Opening Shots
Reader Letters
Athletic Aesthetic

Nutty Nation

the Reduced Shakespeare Company’s Complete History of America (Abridged)

The Reduced Shakespeare Company’s Complete History of America (Abridged).

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It's Tome Time

Chippewa Valley Book Festival at its next chapter

“I always look forward to hearing the authors tell the ‘story behind the story."

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Visual Art

Artwork with Teeth

Shark’s Ink exclusively made for Foster Gallery

Shark’s Ink put together the Shark’s Ink Revisited show specifically for Foster Gallery.

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Local Look
Kid Culture
Special Sections


Who you gonna call? Join us for a romp through some local ghost hunting stories.

If you follow our lead, you can engage in some once-in-a-lifetime ghost busting.

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Minneapolis-based Eau Claire grad explores Hmong experience on film