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Free Fallin'

with serious seasons ahead, one last look at summer foolishness

Autumn brings on the serious temperature drop that makes water lose its fun.

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The Rear End

Running for the Borders

hitting the “non-local” book shop for some non-local fun

My family and I are struggling to live a “local life” just as much or more so than most people.

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Opening Shots
Reader Letters
Athletic Aesthetic

Fan Off, Bird Safe

local music veterans put the rock back in indie

Let’s just say that FanOffBirdSafe won't be playing your wedding reception anytime soon.

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The Gentle Guest

Eric Rykal and friends release folk spectacle

"For the first time in my life I was going to play music that was fun for the listener."

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EC-raised musicians keep upending folk in North Carolina

Bury the Square has earned enough support to gain new fans and tours nationwide.

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A Morality Tale

book examines psychology of religious violence

UW-Eau Claire professor’s new book explores the psychology behind religious violence.

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Visual Art

Global Lens

Mark Aumann exhibits photos of Vietnam

Mark Aumann hopes that his pictures will show the dignity of the people of Vietnam.

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On The Spot

artists take over State Theatre stage

The State Theatre will be home to a unique style of art exhibit on Sept. 26.

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Food / Drink
Kid Culture

Kids of Steel

kids’ triathlon mixes biking, swimming, running, and fun

“The triathlon gave my kids a sense of accomplishment; they were so proud they did it."

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Rack 'Em Up

state pool champ might play at your favorite bars

“I used to be an artist, so I’m good at visualizing angles.”

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Look Up

Chippewa Valley Boy Scouts bring back air show featuring Blue Angels

Some of the performers will be the U.S. Army Golden Knights, the F/A-18F Super Hornet ...

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