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Get Connected

the launches with articles, calendars, blogs, podcasts, photos, videos ...

More than a year later, our newest project is finally ready to unveil ...

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The Rear End

My First Internet

where it all started for me and the world wide web

As a wise man named Al Pacino said in a stupid movie about lawyers and Satan (costarring Keanu .

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Opening Shots
Reader Letters

Fox Snakes

sharing rural Wisconsin with five-foot reptiles

Since we don’t have any poisonous snakes in Drammen Township ...

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Hollywood Style

local MC Breakneck the Mage self-releases album

Besides all the LA glitz, the 13-track album features numerous shout-outs to the Midwest ...

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Queen Of Songwriting

Anna Johnson’s prolific performances score scholarship, major props

“It was intimidating and scary,” said Johnson. “I didn’t think I had a chance ..."

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Jamaican Me Crazy

all-day outdoor concert features local and regional reggae bands

The Irie vibes of the Caribbean will flow through the valley in early fall ...

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String Thing

Dan LaVoie rocks the rare and wacky harp guitar

It is the product of a forbidden love between members of the string family.

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Touch-a Touch Me

Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild brings cult film to life

The possibility came up years ago, but guild members voiced concern about the show’s content ...

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Story of Survival

Cornell sisters finally talk about lifetime of abuse in Jean Hebert’s book

At his funeral, West turned to longtime friend Jean Herbert and said it was time to tell her sto

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Local Look
Kid Culture

Writing On The Wall

skate park mural project aims to let youth express themselves for all to see

“It’s a way for kids to give back to community and take ownership.”

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Special Sections

Back To School

Volume One’s celebration of education, because knowledge is power!

Everything from tips to stylize your living quarters and hot shopping items and more.

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