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Breaking Out

the everyband`s guide to making it in the local music scene

Welcome to Volume One`s first guide to growing and networking a local musical group.

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Opening Letters

Song and Dance

opening up to Midwestern cultural possibilities

Whenever I complained about this, locals would scold me saying, "Eau Claire is a great place.

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The Rear End

Safety Concerns

some people actually worry about their personal safety around here

We shouldn`t avoid thinking about this violence. We already live in a bit of a bubble ...

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Opening Shots
Reader Letters
Athletic Aesthetic

Audio Equation

Eau Claire math professor researches music's appeal

Professor Jim Walker might not be the man you think of when you think "cutting edge music dude."

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Mike Mangione

Chicago singer-songwriter comes to the House of Rock

éA definite must have for any fan of folk and Indie music genres."

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Iowa band spans more genres than its name has vowels

Calypso, bluegrass, reggae, samba, Afrobeat, Afro-Cuba and funk ...

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Action Packed

John Coy's sports novels, picture books aim to inspire

John Coy is the man that every boy dreams of growing up to be. OK, that's not exactly true ...

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Visual Art

Merging Metal

Bob Heller creates one-of-a-kind motorcycle sculptures

Bob Heller may call his Bike Dreams creations "junk art collectibles," but ...

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Regular "Joe"

how some local folks made a feature-length comedy

There`s been a lot of talk in recent years about what constitutes a truly independent film ...

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Local Look
Kid Culture
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Pet Project

Volume One's fuzzy, housebroken resource for pets and their owners

If you or someone you love has four legs, feathers, and/or a tail - you`re gonna love this.

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