6:30-7:30pm Wed. Jan. 8

Breathe and Stretch Yoga- Session 3

This class provides a slow, gentle flow with longer holds to help wind down and relax for the evening. Pre-register through Altoona Parks and Recreation.

River Prairie Center 1445 Front Porch Place, Altoona

Cost: $15/session

Age: 16+

7:30-8:30pm Wed. Jan. 8

Beginner Barre Workshop

This workshop is designed for those new to Barre that are looking to set solid groundwork to grow their practice. We will discuss an array of topics such as: what to expect in a barre class, typical class structure, and specific sections of a typical class.

Latitude 44 Yoga Studio 313 E. Madison St., Eau Claire

Cost: $10 (Discount for members)

Age: 16+

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