11-11:30am Sat. Jan. 25

Meditation Free Group Session

There are so many incredible physical and mental health benefits of meditation. If you are new to meditation and want to get some pointers, or you just want to meditate side-by-side other calm souls, come to this always free session!

Inner Peace University 505 S. Dewey St., Suite 108, Eau Claire

Cost: FREE

Age: All Ages

1-2pm Sat. Jan. 25

Contact Improvisation Beginner- 4 Part Series

Learn the basics of Contact Improvisation and deepen listening and mindfulness, gain ability to surrender control, build serious strength, and experience connection to others. Register by email.

Anandaworks Wellness Education Center 320 Putnam St Ste 123, Eau Claire

Cost: FREE

Age: 16+

6:30-7:30pm Sat. Jan. 25

Sat Nam Shabad Tibetan Sounds Healing Ceremony

Local Shaman, Jeanette Robbins, will host a group healing ceremony utilizing her gift of sound. She will be playing the Tibetan Singing Bowls, Australian didgeridoo, Conch Shell, and a variety of Sacred, ancient musical instruments and whale songs.

Unity Christ Center 1808 Folsom St., Eau Claire

Cost: $20

Age: No children

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