Sun. Sep. 1

Alicia Hash // The Mineral Movement

A collection of unique and eye catching pieces designed to embrace the beauty of nature and stimulate abstract minds.

The Volume One Gallery (Inside The Local Store) 205 N. Dewey St., Eau Claire

Cost: FREE

Sun. Sep. 1

Footprints/Memories - Eco Art & The Global News

What is our impact on the planet? Can we choose how we leave our mark? Using materials, methods, and inspirations drawn from these questions and others, this exhibit will feature works of art that examine how we interact with and effect the environment around us.

Pablo Center at the Confluence 120 Graham Avenue, Eau Claire

Sun. Sep. 1

Art Gallery at the Airport

The Chippewa Valley Regional Airport features art in the main terminal and hallway.

Chippewa Valley Regional Airport 3800 Starr Ave., Eau Claire

Cost: FREE

Age: All Ages

noon-8pm Sun. Sep. 1

Sense of Place: THERE - Song of Myself

Galaudet Gallery takes you THERE, where you can experience local and global artists exploring questions about politics, rule breaking and self. Paintings, drawings, sculptures, jewelry and more in realism, figuration, abstraction, surrealism, conceptualism and other genres are for sale.

Galaudet Gallery LLC 618 South Farwell, Eau Claire

Cost: FREE

Age: All Ages

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