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Forge Fest

Art during the day and music at night. This audacious fusion event will combine art and music into an explosion of creativity, beauty and togetherness on the grounds of Artisan Forge Studios. Six bands, six hours of music.

Art Festival

The art festival is open to the public 10am - 4pm. Free.

Food & Drink

  • Red Coal BBQ
  • Sweet Driver Cafe
  • Godfathers Pizza

Music Festival

The evening music event will begin at 5:00pm. $30 tickets, $25 student price.

  • Hi-Lux (Kansas City)
  • Peter Wolf Crier (St. Paul, EC)
  • Ludlow (Chicago)
  • The Pedaljets (Kansas City)
  • Nathan Graham (Chicago)
  • Mitch Mead (Chicago)

After show indoor acoustic venue featuring artists who performed during the day from 11:30pm-1:00am for $10 on day of event. After show seating is limited to 50 people.

If you have not been vaccinated for Covid you will be asked to wear a mask.


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Volume One Tickets


$30, $25 students


Ages 17+


This event is over.

Sat. Sep. 18, 2021   5-11pm

For More Information
Artisan Forge Studios
1106 Mondovi Road
Eau Claire, WI 54703