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Financial Crisis Planning: Proactive & Reactive

The impacts of COVID-19 side swiped small business owners across the valley - impacting both immediate bottom lines and the long-term ways in which they do business. This event sponsored by Royal Credit Union in partnership with Red Letter Grant - will focus on preparing you for the worst and helping you bounce back from debt, lost income, etc. The conversation is held in conjunction with Startup Eau Claire week - a part of wider statewide Startup Wisconsin Week. Karlee Wallin, VP of Small Business Lending at Royal, will lead the group through an overview of how to build your credit (think start-up phase, 2nd phase growth) or after a financial crisis like COVID-19. This includes bolstering your personal AND business credit. Wallin will also highlight the importance of building a business savings before you open your doors and how to create a healthy buffer for folks already in business to be prepared for the worst. Red Letter Grant Executive Director and small business owner Becca Cooke as well as Amy Erickson owner of Latitude 44 Yoga Studio and The Well - Eau Claire AND Erin Klaus owner of Tangled Up In Hue will walk you through how to diversify your income streams. Creating less reliance on one business activity can prepare you for a hit and is an important strategy towards recovery in trying times. The event is free and will be held virtually via Zoom. Must pre-register to attend.




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Mon. Nov. 16, 2020   noon-1pm

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