Funding Your Startup - An Overview on Venture Capital

This Lunch + Learn workshop with Idea Fund will discuss venture capital for startups. Learn how an early stage venture capital investor thinks about investment opportunities.

  • What types of companies may be a fit for venture capital investment?
  • What considerations guide venture capital investment decisions?
  • What does a typical investment into an early stage startup company look like?

The Idea Fund is a seed stage venture capital fund established in 2016 to invest in pre-revenue and early stage revenue startup companies. The fund targets startups based in Western Wisconsin but can invest statewide, and seeks to support portfolio company growth through exit. As 12/31/2019, the Idea Fund has $13mm under management, with investments from 28 limited partners, and eight portfolio companies. Jonathon Horne is Managing Director of the Idea Fund. Before returning home to La Crosse as the Idea Fund Managing Director, Jon worked in investment banking for J.P. Morgan in New York. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Lawrence University in 2006, and an MBA and JD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2013. Jon lives in La Crosse with his wife Kylie and son James. Series Overview This series of workshops is geared towards giving small businesses and startups the tools they need to succeed in the Chippewa Valley. These events include a one-hour workshop followed by a flexible half-hour ofquestion-and-answer with the presenter. Lunch is included in this free series sponsored by Marawood Construction Services.




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Wed. Feb. 12, 2020   noon-1:30pm

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