School's Out Open Skating

Session One 11:00am-1:00pm and Session Two 1:15pm-3:15pm.

Cost: $4/session or $8 for both sessions

Age: All Ages


Thu. Oct. 24   11am-3:15pm

Fri. Oct. 25   11am-3:15pm

Mon. Oct. 28   11am-3:15pm

Mon. Nov. 25   11am-3:15pm

Tue. Nov. 26   11am-3:15pm

Wed. Nov. 27   11am-3:15pm

Fri. Nov. 29   11am-3:15pm

Mon. Dec. 23   11am-3:15pm

Thu. Dec. 26   11am-3:15pm

Fri. Dec. 27   11am-3:15pm

Mon. Dec. 30   11am-3:15pm

Tue. Dec. 31   11am-3:15pm

Mon. Jan. 20   11am-3:15pm

Thu. Feb. 20   11am-3:15pm

Fri. Feb. 21   11am-3:15pm

Mon. Feb. 24   11am-3:15pm

Mon. Mar. 23   11am-3:15pm

Tue. Mar. 24   11am-3:15pm

Wed. Mar. 25   11am-3:15pm

Thu. Mar. 26   11am-3:15pm

Fri. Mar. 27   11am-3:15pm

Fri. Apr. 10   11am-3:15pm

Mon. Apr. 13   11am-3:15pm

Fri. May. 22   11am-3:15pm

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Hobbs Ice Arena
915 Menomonie St.
Eau Claire, WI 54703