Assertive Communication Strategies for Women

How to become more assertive: Keeping relationships strong while being able to confidently and elegantly advocate for what you want or believe in is a key to the success of any professional. Research consistently tells us that men feel more confident in comparison to women in situations where advocacy is required. Additionally, men succeed in getting what they want at higher rates than women.

During this session, explore some of the reasons why this is the case and share strategies that will help women improve upon their assertiveness skills. Draw from academic research and the collective experience of those in the program (including men, who are welcome).

Topics you will discuss:

  • How to set and manage boundaries.
  • Leveraging your personal power to remove barriers and improve your chance of success.
  • Practical communication strategies for women.

Cost: $299


This event is over.

Wed. Sep. 18, 2019   8:30am-4pm

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