Candlelight Music Meditation & Reiki

Join Angela for a guided meditation as you lay comfortably on a yoga mat (with bolsters for support, a blanket and eye pillow) to draw you into the state of relaxation while she shares scalp massages and Reiki. The music used is designed to raise your vibration and create a mind-body connection.

Cost: $25


Fri. Apr. 12   6:30-8pm

Fri. Jun. 14   6:30-8pm

Fri. Jul. 12   6:30-8pm

Fri. Aug. 9   6:30-8pm

Fri. Sep. 13   6:30-8pm

Fri. Oct. 11   6:30-8pm

Fri. Nov. 8   6:30-8pm

Fri. Dec. 13   6:30-8pm

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Wellness Events

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