Artists Series Presents The Mystical Arts of Tibet

The monks of the Drepung Loseling Monastery will visit UW-Eau Claire from March 11-15 for an artist residency that includes creating a sand mandala, lectures on Tibetan culture, traditions and beliefs, and a sacred music and dance performance. 

The Mystical Arts of Tibet is a world tour endorsed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama to promote world peace and healing by sharing Tibet’s rich and authentic sacred performing and visual arts with modern audiences. The residency offers a rare opportunity to witness one of the world’s most ancient sacred traditions presented by a group of monk artists for whom these traditions are a way of life.

Exhibit attendees watch them painstakingly lay down millions of grains of sand to create the mandala pattern. The days-long process begins with an opening ceremony and ends with a dismantling of the mandala design and ceremonial distribution of the sand back into the earth—symbolizing the impermanence of life.

Cost: FREE


This event is over.

Mon. Mar. 11, 2019   1-6pm

Tue. Mar. 12, 2019   10am-6pm

Wed. Mar. 13, 2019   10am-6pm

Thu. Mar. 14, 2019   10am-6pm

Fri. Mar. 15, 2019   1pm

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