Art at the County Court House

The Eau Claire County Court House features art from various local artists on all the floors including the ground floor. The current artists include:

Megan Johnson
Steve Johnson
Elizabeth Aamen
Rachel Kohn
Beverly Wickstrom
Jackie Young
Lowell Stevens
Ron LeBlanc
Lloyd Fleig
Ruth Foresgren
Bruce Warren
Paul Cyr
Alicia Acker
Jeff Nelson
Ruth Lundblad
Mary Elworthy
Kelly Johnson
Sue Pearson
Vicki Wolterstorf
Levi Polus
Martha Sueldo
Efrain Sueldo
Claude Schilling
Jeff Gutsch

Cost: FREE


Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 9am-5pm

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Eau Claire County Court House
721 Oxford Ave
Eau Claire, WI 54703