Earth Mama Smudge Stick Crafting

Smudging is the ancient practice of using the smoke from burning certain herbs as incense and/or as a purifier. If you would like to learn about the herbs often used to smudge, and how to make your own smudge sticks, join Michelle at The Broom & Crow.

Learn a number of common herbs useful for smudging and have on hand plenty of raw material for you to craft a few of your own smudge sticks. There will be plenty of herbal material to go around, you can bring your own favorite fragrant fresh herbs to craft into your own wands - like roses, lavender, lemon balm or other mints.

Cost: $10

Age: 16+


This event is over.

Fri. Jul. 27, 2018   6-7pm

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The Broom & Crow
106 E. Grand Ave.
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