Bird School

Registration and full payment required by May 1.

This fun and engaging course has been designed specifically for beginners who want to learn more about birds and take the next step in birding. This 2 ½ day course will combine classroom lectures, field trips, group lessons and hands-on activities to give you a full learning experience. Knowledgeable birders will help you learn the basics of bird behavior, migration, identification, and reproduction. We’ll explain how to identify birds using size, shape, plumage, and other field marks. We’ll teach you how to find birds in different habitats. We’ll teach you to listen to birds and how to identify their songs. We’ll discuss how you can help birds and protect the places they depend on. For more details visit our website.

Cost: $56


This event is over.

Thu. Jun. 7, 2018

Fri. Jun. 8, 2018

Sat. Jun. 9, 2018

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