Shakers and Makers: American Folk Art and Beyond Art Exhibit

Galaudet Gallery rings in the holiday season with American Folk Art and Fine Crafts. This eclectic art exhibit begins with art made by 1800’s Shakers alongside fine artists of today and makers of our region. Challenging stereotypes of both folk art and fine art brings fun and interesting art into Galaudet Gallery. The Tower Room’s 500 square feet of space holds the stereotypical American Folk Art found in Shaker art from the mid 1800’s along with folk art produced in the late 20th Century. Shaker Artist Hannah Cohoon’s A Bower of Mulberry Trees (1854) was the initial inspiration for this exhibit since the arching Mulberry trees with text from the Book of Revelations beneath them has charm in the simple lines and colors but also a depth from the Cohoon’s vision about art and faith. Charles Wysocki’s later 20th Century images of a mythical American history that is both storybook and naïve has a similar charm since it springs from a similar source. The Studio Gallery’s over 500 sf displays the forward motion of American Folk Art and how it has come into its own since the 1960’s. Once a term meant to define a period style of art, now Folk Art defines self taught artists who choose experience over education in their pursuit of creating art. Wesley Willis hangs next to Andy Warhol to show how Pop Art holds Folk Art values. That Warhol was trained as an illustrator and not a fine artist did not stop him from becoming a successful artist who changed the face of late 20th Century art

Cost: FREE

Age: All Ages


This event is over.

Every Day until Jan. 5, noon-8pm

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