ECCT Presents: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

This dramatization of C.S. Lewis' classic story faithfully recreates the magic and mystery of Aslan, the great lion, his struggle with the White Witch and the adventures of the four Pevensie children, Peter Edmund, Susan, and Lucy, who inadvertently find their way through an old wardrobe in the exciting and fantastical land of Narnia.

Cost: Ticket Price TBA

Age: All Ages


This event is over.

Fri. Mar. 10, 2017   7:30pm

Sat. Mar. 11, 2017   1:30pm

Sun. Mar. 12, 2017   1:30pm

Sun. Mar. 12, 2017   1:30pm

Fri. Mar. 17, 2017   7:30pm

Sat. Mar. 18, 2017   1:30pm

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