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Probably a dumb question, but I'm curious.

Reflecting on the amazing Jason Isbell show at the State this past weekend... I consider myself to be an avid (possibly rabid) music fan, with diverse tastes that cut across rock, americana, country, pop, old stuff, new stuff, you name it. On the one hand I'm by far the most musically informed person I know, on the other hand I'm not a total hipster with obscure-for-the-sake-of-being-obscure tastes. I'm discerning, but I'm not a snob. So why does it seem the State can only host 1 (maybe 2, if I lower my standards) show per year that appeals to me? I've lived here nearly 7 years, and I've been to a whopping four shows at the State: Trampled By Turtles twice, John Prine, and Jason Isbell. I've missed one other (Gillian Welch & David Rawlings) that I wanted to go to. Other than that, there's been nothing remotely appealing to me. So my question is...why can't I have more? Even one more per year would be a major improvement. Narrow appeal can't be the answer, because all four shows I mentioned appeared to be sold out (or at least close), with people traveling in from the cities, Madison, up north, etc to see them. I have a hard time believing acts like Josh Ritter, Sturgill Simpson, or Neko Case wouldn't do well here if given the chance.