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To Do Today: Big Rigs!

V1 Staff

1st Annual Eau Claire Big Rig Truck Show - this event features about 75 gorgeous semi-trucks from across the country, including award-winning show trucks.

Shortcuts | Aug. 12, 2010

V1 Staff

On Aug. 3 Tony Wilder headed out to Lake Wissota, grabbed his camera, and captured the natural phenomenon of aurora borealis.

Local Places

V1 Staff

Locations - Local Places

Local Media

V1 Staff

The Press - Local Media

Police Reports | July 29, 2010

lessons we learned from local police reports

V1 Staff

Scheels sells an item called a “Power Bracelet.” Unfortunately, these supposedly magical bracelets do not bestow the power to avoid arrest.

Our Bangin’ Boomeranger

V1 Staff

As if the Ultimate Frisbee dude wasn’t enough, here comes Dan Johnson, proving that the Chippewa Valley is well represented in the world’s arena of ... throwing stuff.

Unique Work Environments, Philosophies, and Perks

ideas that have set some workplaces apart from the pack

V1 Staff

“We actually coach them into being blunt and noisy about the things that are most difficult to talk about.” – Rick Olson, president and CEO of KRM

How to Enhance Your Brand

identify the distinctive qualities of the organization

V1 Staff

Does your organization have a concrete, common understanding of its vision, mission, and strategic goals – along with an understanding of the talent required to fulfill those goals?

Movin' On Up

tips to help you move up the company ladder

V1 Staff

Cliché alert: dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

Attracting and Retaining Talent

companies are getting creative in trying to find and keep the right people for the job

V1 Staff

The recent dip in the economic climate has created a much larger pool of people looking for work ...

Shortcuts | July 15, 2010

condensed local news about civic and cultural goings-on

V1 Staff

Don't feed the black bear, DNR asks.

Summarizing Hastings Way

increased amenities for bikes, pedestrians among major talking points so far

V1 Staff, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Eau Claire wants more bicycle and pedestrian accommodations.

Questioning the Locals | Mary Jo Wagner

How do you plan to spend your retirement?

V1 Staff

"I was so scared before I hosted a debate at UWEC between the four candidates for governor in 2002 that we would lose control of the crowd if they cheered or booed."

Playing Local

V1 Staff

It seems like there are more and more artistic creations based on local themes and places.

Shortcuts | June 17, 2010

V1 Staff

In the past five years, riding the city bus has turned from a passive method of transportation to an active way to participate in local art thanks to Paula Gorski.

Shortcuts | June 3, 2010

V1 Staff, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Dog lovers and companions of man’s best friend, you have a new place to play ... and other stories.

Shortcuts | May 19, 2010

V1 Staff

At 131 North Barstow St., a familiar taproom has received a thorough going over from downtown building/business owner John Mogensen.

Rock-n-Roll Kickball Classic to feature Shouting Matches, more

Justin Vernon to headline music festival with his local side project The Shouting Matches

V1 Staff

If you threw a playground in a blender with Lollapalooza, you’d be close to the kind of unique theatrics being presented by Volume One and Leinenkugel’s this Memorial Day weekend.

Kickball Tournaments Abound

V1 Staff

With no less than four tournaments on the horizon over the course of summer, it’s official – kickball has become a local adult phenomenon.

Shortcuts | May 6, 2010

V1 Staff

The American Public Works Association will honor Eau Claire’s director Brian Amundson among the Top 10 Public Works Leaders of the Year

Volume One's Fresh Factoids

things we learned while making the mag

V1 Staff

The wallet buried within a local man’s basement wall for 40 years is 6 degrees separated from Kevin Bacon.

LOCAL LIST: Community Supported Agriculture

plots are going like hotcakes of sustainability, so hurry

V1 Staff, photos by Nick Meyer

CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, is the hottest thing among the “foodie” set right now. Well, maybe not the hottest thing, but it’s up there.

Yards We Dig

a crop of cool local yards, from the front and from the back

V1 Staff

Homes We Covet

a collection of local homes that are just really cool

V1 Staff, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Caring for the Globe

eighth annual Earth Day celebration to be largest yet

V1 Staff, photos by Sarah Word

With seven successful years already notched, the green event that started as a local grassroots movement has officially mounted an annual following and the eighth annual version of the local celebration looks to the biggest yet.


V1 Staff

WHEN: Tuesday, April 6 from 7am to 8pm – Have fun with all the democracy today!

Shortcuts | March 25, 2010

V1 Staff

Attention beer appreciators and loyal Leinie’s fans. The brewery’s massive pasteurizer catapults the 143 year-old brewery into the 21st century.

Fried fish on film

V1 Staff

Did you know they fry fish in places outside of the Chippewa Valley, even in Milwaukee?

Shortcuts | March 11, 2010

V1 Staff

How many steps does it take to put on some hand sanitizer? The answer, according to UW–Stout’s first ever Rube Goldberg machine team, is 120.

Apps & Sides

some of the more interesting side dishes out there beyond the curds, wings, and rings

V1 Staff, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Shortcuts | February 25, 2010

V1 Staff

You read that V1 blog post a month ago, right? The one telling of the possibility that a state committee will examine the sale of raw milk in Wisconsin? Of course you did. Well, it turns out there is a committee, and it’s meeting in our backyard!