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Tyler Jennings Henderson

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Trapping Your Tastebuds

Tyler Jennings Henderson

Those looking for a quick sandwich in downtown Eau Claire need look no further than The Mousetrap Tavern, which is now serving crockpot favorites Wednesday through Friday from 11am until the bar closes. Having served burgers years ago ...

Downtown Market Goes for Tokens

Phoenix Park farmers market strives to benefit FoodShare patrons

Tyler Jennings Henderson, photos by Anna Mateffy

On the heels of three successful summers of the Token Program, the Eau Claire Downtown Farmers Market is looking to bolster the benefits for FoodShare patrons in 2015.

Winter Wonderland Returns

Winter After Hours an antidote to the snowy season blues

Tyler Jennings Henderson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

There’s nothing to do in Eau Claire during the winter, right? WRONG. While that’s a common opinion when trying to stay warm during our extended snowy season, folks of the Chippewa Valley can venture out one night a week for Winter After Hours ...

Oktoberfest’s Shocking Past

Tyler Jennings Henderson

The first Oktoberfest took place in Munich, Germany, in 1810, when the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig was to be wed to Princess Therese on Oct. 12. Prince Ludwig was known to be obsessed with history, and wanted a public event that could be ...

Preseason Prep: The Team vs. The Band

Blugolds – football team and marching band alike – start preseason warmups and take the field together

Tyler Jennings Henderson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Blugold Marching Band members are lucky if they’re able to find any part of the calendar year to kick back and relax. “Not for me,” said senior drum major Nick Hansberry about possible free time. “For some there’s a three month block without ...

Memorable Joynt

famed tavern gets city historic designation

Tyler Jennings Henderson, photos by Katie Lebrun

A notable bar on Water Street since it opened in the 1970s, The Joynt has been recognized as a local historic landmark by the city of Eau Claire’s Landmarks Commission. As of Aug. 4, the bar known for its jazz history and lack of light beer ...

Don't Stare at the Sun

CVTC is hosting a conference that's all things solar energy

Tyler Jennings Henderson

Solar panels have come a long way since their invention in the United States by three American scientists in 1954. That panel had 6% energy conservation, while today’s panels can have efficiency levels of up to 18%.

Keeping the Bowl Full

pets need food donations too

Tyler Jennings Henderson

Pets are known to increase health, happiness, and overall quality of life, so when families find themselves in a financially troubling situation, the last thing they want to do is part ways with Sparky. Lisa Wenholz of Oakwood Hills Animal ...

The Valley's Love-A-Fair

have fun (and funnel cake) at the Northern Wis. State Fair

Tyler Jennings Henderson

The Northern Wisconsin State Fair promises to be a “family affair” featuring more music, entertainment, rides, exhibits, and fair food than you can shake a corndog stick at. Bank Mutual is sponsoring the annual fair in Chippewa Falls, now in its ...

Wings & Wheels

Menomonie fest offers air and auto adventure

Tyler Jennings Henderson

The suffix “rama,” seen in words such as diorama and panorama, means a “spectacular display or instance of” whatever noun precedes it. So it shouldn’t be surprising that the aptly named Menomonie Airfest and Autorama has a schedule chock full of ...

Inside the 'Black Box'

250-seat theater proposed for Confluence would allow for flexibility, creativity

Tyler Jennings Henderson

When JAMF Software pledged $500,000 to support the construction of a new community arts center as part of the Confluence Project, the company was given naming rights to the new 250-seat black box theater that will be built in the complex ...

Land of the Free

Doks Robotiks mixes hip-hop with jazz to see what happens

Tyler Jennings Henderson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Recording an EP before they ever hit the stage, Doks Robotiks – intentionally or not – seems to avoid convention on the Eau Claire music scene.

A First from Past

longtime musician finally fronting his own trio

Tyler Jennings Henderson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

After being a longtime staple in the Eau Claire folk music scene, Larry Past has finally released an EP as a front man: The LP 3 EP.

Examining the Infinite

new set of monologues takes on the big questions

Tyler Jennings Henderson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Through a series of fictional monologues from non-fictional historic figures, Jack Bushnell has written a new play – The Infinity Monologues – in an attempt to bring life to the moments leading up to life-or-death situations.

Pain and Resilience

book describes long odyssey with chronic pain

Tyler Jennings Henderson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

It was a long time coming for Gary Weinkauf when he published his first book, Stop the Orchestra from Playing: One Man’s Odyssey with Pain ...

Songs In the Key of Life

sisters share inspirational stories in joint book

Tyler Jennings Henderson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

In the touching story of two sisters growing up in a life of musical and spiritual fulfillment, Moira Kneer and Helen Gierke’s Singing My Sister to Sleep: Life Songs is an inspirational read that takes the reader on their path through ...

Finding the Flavor

commercial kitchen built for creativity, education

Tyler Jennings Henderson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

In a culture that is heavily based around local farming and produce, Trish Cummins wanted a place that could nurture that culture while also providing a fun, educational experience. After close to a year of work, she opened Forage, a shared-use ...

Stay On Target

Tyler Jennings Henderson

Daniel Langlois has seen the awe and wonder in the eyes of children who have just witnessed the “mystical, magical flight of the arrow.”

American Heritage

piano prof. produces album of contemporary classics

Tyler Jennings Henderson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

While some audiences are apprehensive about a piano recital if the set list doesn’t include Bach or Chopin, UW-Eau Claire associate professor Nicholas Phillips thinks that his latest album, American Vernacular: New Music for Solo Piano, will ...

In the Whale House

grunge/alt rockers release first in series of EPs

Tyler Jennings Henderson

Whale House produces its signature melodic yet dissonant sound again with its newest two-song EP, Stand Out. It follows the band’s first release in 2010, From the Traps ...

Occupying Aging

local author pens journal on aging, disabilities

Tyler Jennings Henderson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

As someone who has been educating the people of the Chippewa Valley about life with disabilities for years, it’s no surprise that Dr. Katherine Schneider is continuing to pave the way with her third book ...