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Renee Bonjour is director of development and marketing at Group Health Cooperative in Eau Claire and a mother of two. Her blog, “Ordinary Adventures: My Mommy Experience,” can be found at Group Health Cooperative is one of the launch sponsors of Chippewa Valley Famil

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Wed. Sep. 9th, 2015

5 tips for family photo shoot success

Renee Bonjour

I don’t get formal pictures of my boys nearly as frequently as I should. When I finally arranged a photo shoot for the two kids, it was a big deal. I made sure I bought and packed plenty of clothing change options. I carefully planned my departure from work so I could get the boys, get them changed ...

Thu. Jun. 4th, 2015

So Busy! 3 Easy Ways to Combat Daily Chaos

Renee Bonjour

Being busy is the name of the game, particularly once you have kids. I think about this quite a bit, though. Before kids, I somehow also considered myself busy. Looking back, though, I wonder what on earth I did with all of my free time ...