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WHY B MAD? Eau Claire Hip-Hop Artist Breezes Past Setbacks

TeawhYB’s new EP ‘What We Were’ takes flight

Parker Reed

An artist’s resiliency often determines their ability to succeed, and one local hip-hop artist is setting himself up for success by defying today’s hardships. TeawhYB, street name Tyler Baumgart, is a local hip-hop artist who is continuing to make waves in ...

He’s Not Alone

Miles Blvd explores isolation on new ep

Parker Reed, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Isolation can be a dangerous place for an artist to reside, but an update from isolation from a local hip-hop artist makes it clear he is back and better than ever. Miles Blvd is a locally sourced hip-hop project from ...

Learning the Ropes

teen musician Spencer Douglas releases first EP

Parker Reed

A local musician is making waves in the Eau Claire music scene, and he hasn’t even had his 18th birthday yet. 17-year-old Eau Claire Memorial High School student, Spencer Rhoten is a guitarist/singer-songwriter who is making a name for himself ...

On Record for Youth

studio owner aims to create mentorship program for kids

Parker Reed, photos by Kyle Lehman

Collaboration is key for an Eau Claire recording studio owner who is calling community members into action to benefit area youth. Kyle Culver owns Sprinter Studios, a recording studio nestled in downtown Eau Claire with aspirations aimed at ...

Over Achieving

hard-working locals The Over Unders mix punk, alt rock, and power pop

Parker Reed

From cover bands and band class to the local rock stage, one young up-and-coming rock band is making its mark on the ...

Digging In, Digging Out

Luray’s new album thrives despite life’s challenges

Parker Reed

A roots-laden songwriter is making her way back to where things all started for her. Luray is the musical moniker for Wisconsin native and current Richmond, Virginia-based musician Shannon Carey, who released her ...

Let the Cats Out of the Bag

Whale House prepares to release debut album

Parker Reed, photos by Kyle Lehman

A decade-long musical brotherhood is ready to take the next step in its musical journey by offering up its largest collection of songs to date. Whale House is the local musical ...

Like Fish to Water

Chippewa Falls native teaches stars’ kids to swim, pens book

Parker Reed

From swimming in Chippewa Valley pools to teaching some of Hollywood’s celebrity children, an area native is celebrating the release of her new book, which aims to empower America’s future ...

Timeless Sounds

quartet of music veterans partner on original album

Parker Reed, photos by Andrea Paulseth

A new group of veteran Chippewa Valley musicians is writing, recording, and covering music that will have listeners thinking of the past and thankful to hear it in the present ...

Witch Way to Go?

musician chooses new instrument, genres on EP

Parker Reed, photos by Andrea Paulseth

One man just took a musical risk and released a new record in a new genre played on a new instrument. Tim Frederick, aka Witch Hunter General, is a Minneapolis-based singer-songwriter with ties to Eau Claire. He recently released ...

Passion, Strings Attached

local luthier celebrates one year of guitar services in Eau Claire

Parker Reed, photos by Parker Reed

Some people never chase their passions, instead perhaps choosing to work a stable 9-5 job they resent for their entire life. But one small-business owner chose passion over security and just hit a major career milestone ...

Willing to Collaborate

creatives open downtown co-working space for other creatives

Parker Reed, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Eau Claire is growing into becoming one of the cultural centers of the region, but collaboration is key to the area’s success, two new business owners say ...

New Wisconsin-themed eatery replaces Betty’s

Parker Reed

One local eatery shut down and another quickly takes its place. Longtime Eau Claire restaurant Betty’s Half Moon Saloon, a buffet and trivia hub, closed its doors for good early last month ...